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Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis Hollywood Movie: Baby Driver (2017)

Movie Reviews: Baby Driver is definitely different than any other action movie. Not just an ordinary action movie, this movie has an interesting spice that makes it different compared to other action movies. Admittedly, Edgar Wright, the director has a unique style of packaging Baby Driver into a biting action Movie.

Baby (Ansel Elgort), yes B-A-B-Y, is a teenager with unique abilities. Behind her innocent face Baby had guile and a runny brain. Even though he is still very young, he has been trusted by Doc (Kevin Spacey) to be in control behind the steering wheel of his car when his accomplices carry out crime missions.

Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis Baby Driver (2017) - When the Driver Strikes

Indeed, Baby has a freaky attitude. Unlike other teenagers, Baby likes to be alone and stingy talk. Plus, he likes listening to music through earphones connected from his iPod. Stored in the iPod are thousands of songs that he will play following his mood.

Now if other personnel armed with a gun, Baby enough with the iPod. When he is behind the wheel, he will play a lucky song to keep his mood upbeat. He was even able to trick and make the police frantically with his crazy driving action. That is why Doc really believes in Baby's talents.

One time Baby was asked by Doc to bring his accomplice robbed the post office. This time his teammates are lovers, Darling (Eiza González) and Buddy (Jon Hamm) and also Bats (Jamie Foxx), a cold-blooded brilliant criminal. In fact, Baby had repented and was reluctant to get involved again in criminal acts, moreover, his adoptive father forbade. Plus Baby has just been close to a girl named Debora (Lily James). Unfortunately, Doc is reluctant to let Baby go because he thinks Baby is his lucky charm.

Can Baby be free from the clutches of Doc and his accomplices?

Baby Driver has a lot of strengths that make it superior to other action movies, even from similar films such as The Transporter and the Fast and Furious franchise that have been considered as the most popular car racing movies.

Music seems to be the most powerful factor. Baby characters that cannot be separated from music make 70% of this movie bombarded with catchy music ranging from romance scenes, sad, to action. Guaranteed you will be entertained by the accompaniment of old band songs played such as Queen, Blur, Run The Jewels, The Detroit Emeralds, and many more.

The chase scene also looks real with old school music that increasingly adrenaline. Reportedly Edgar Wright himself intentionally made 95% of his live scenes directly and minimized the use of CGI. Cultivation of a concept that takes a very long time to 2 decades is also one important factor why this movie looks mature.

Interestingly again, this movie has a cinematographic concept like musical films that often apply continuous shots without pauses. At the beginning of the Movie, we will be shown a scene where Baby follows the beat of the music with choreography that has been arranged nicely. Like a Movie, Baby also established himself as the main player who was starring in a musical Movie. Even though the people around him even though he was a strange person.

The aspect of the story is no less interesting. This movie has a strong scenario with a twist that is difficult to guess. Acting support from supporting players like Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Eiza Gonzalez, and other supporting actors were able to strengthen the story and add to the excitement of the Movié.

In short, Baby Driver is an action-crime movie that you must watch in 2017. Guaranteed you will fall in love with Edgar Wright's style of concocting his Movié and of course seeing the cute action of Ansel Elgort racing on the streets.
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