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Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis Hollywood Movie: Overlord 2018

Movie Reviews Overlord 2018 - Fight the unexpected - What happens if the war continues? Horrible? Of course yes. However, there is something more frightening than the blows of bullets and the sound of warplanes ready to throw bombs during the war.

The horror was caught from a science gambling involving humans as a test material. The horror that made the soldiers experience tense experiences.

Everything will be poured in the film Overlord. A film with a background of World War II and how to survive in uncertain times. Seeing their own colleagues slaughtered and the presence of dead humans who like to prey on humans with their strength.

Movie Reviews : Review and Synopsis Film Overlord 2018

The radio tower is the key to the war. At least this is a picture of what happened in World War II. A group of American troops trying to complete their mission to destroy the radio tower.

His position was in Germany which at that time was in power with NAZI troops. However, when the new mission began, unlucky rice happened to American troops. Their plane crashed, and there were only a few people who survived the accident.

Even worse, their position is on the enemy lines. That is, they must get ready if a barrage of bullets wandering around the head of American troops.

However, their mission still must destroy the radio tower. On the way, the American soldiers found many oddities. Starting from a strange figure in the Nazi army.

They found a human who looked dead but was still alive. In fact, they could be prepared to prey on other humans. A weapon that is more deadly than a shotgun.

Weapons that will present a lot of nightmares for anyone, including two parties who are at war. Can these American troops survive in German defense areas? Who should be eliminated first?

German troops or a group of undead who are roaming around? The Overlord movie will air on November 9, 2018, at the Cinemas CGV Cinemas, Cinemaxx, and XXI.

The Overlord film was indeed directed by Julius Avery. However, behind the film is the name of J.J Abrams as the producer. J.J Abrams himself is known as a producer who is able to package a film to be very interesting and full of tension.

As director J.J Abrams was able to make films such as Mission: Impossible III, Super 8, Star Trek: Into Darkness, to Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens became very interesting. As a producer he has given success to the film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and most recently Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

Plus, this film also seems ready to develop the ideas or fantasy of J.J Abrams. Not only that, but there are also still names of Jacob Anderson, Wyatt Russell, Bokeem Woodbine to Jovan Adepo who will play a role in this film.
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