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Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis Hollywood Movie: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) - "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" is a 2006 wild action film directed by Justin Lin. And this film is the third Fast and the Furious franchise which was released worldwide on June 16, 2006, where the film featured the theft and racing of Asian cars in North America which first appeared in 2001 yesterday. 

Emphasizing the action of speeding and a series of super fast and super expensive modification cars, this film is unexpectedly commercially successful when calculated from the roaring that it has successfully panned. So, it is not surprising then that the film directed by Director Rob Cohen was childish and now transformed into a best-selling film franchise with fantastic achievements.

Movie Reviews: Review and Synopsis Hollywood Movie: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Synopsis The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), is involved in an accident during a wild car race. Because often involved and dealing with law, his mother (Lynda Boyd) decided to send Sean to Tokyo, Japan, to live with his father, Major Boswell (Brian Goodman) who was placed as a US Navy officer, so he no longer deals with cars. After arriving at his father's house in Tokyo, he was warned by his father not to cause trouble, or he would return to the United States to live his days with the law.

At his new school, Sean meets and befriends Twinkie (Bow Wow), a fellow American. Twinkie then introduced him to the world of drifting. Finally confronted the nephew of the local yakuza boss, Takashi (Brian Tee); known as DK (short for Drift King), for chatting with his girlfriend, Neela (Nathalie Kelley). 

DK also challenged Sean to the Drift race. Lue Han (Sung Kang), DK's friend who is also DK's business partner, lent one of his cars to Sean, but Sean finally lost with his car completely destroyed because he didn't know how to drive a drift at all.

The next day, Han meets Sean after school, and Han tells him he has to work for him as payment for damage to his car.

Han and Sean became best friends, and Han taught him how to drift. Han did this because Sean was the only person who wasn't afraid of DK (Hansepon said that DK was a "kryptonite").

Sean slowly gained a reputation in Drifting after being trained and supported (both financially and friendship) from the Han gang and his friends. Sean also befriended Neela, spending time with him. Neela tells Sean that he and Takashi grew up together after his mother died at the age of 10 years. Like Sean, he is considered an outcast to the point where he moves his place of residence. this relationship caused him to deal with Takashi. Takashi threatened Sean to go all the way from Neela.

Takashi's uncle, Kamata (Sonny Chiba), and the Yakuza were told that there were differences in the books and that Han had cheated so that their expenses had increased. Takashi confronted Han and his group due to this. Han, Sean, and Neela escaped before Takashi went further. Han chased after them, and they were involved in wild racing on the streets of Tokyo. Takashi chases Han, and Morimoto (Leonardo Nam) chases Sean. 

Morimoto tried to destroy Sean's car, but his own car was off the track, and he finally collided with a driver in the opposite direction and killed Morimoto. But Takashi continued chasing and tried to catch up with Sean and tried to destroy his car. Han saw that he slowed down his car and invited Sean to go first. Then Takashi shot Han along the way. Han was hit by a Mercedes S-Class at an intersection and his car flipped over and caught fire afterward. Sean tried to save his car.

Sean and Neela then go to Sean's father's house, and Takashi comes to kill Sean and pick up Neela, but Sean's father comes to save Sean with his own gun. Neela also went home with Takashi.

Twinkie gave Sean the money he had saved to make up for the money Han had stolen to return to Kamata. But Kamata's problem was not only because of money. Sean proposed a race with DK to determine who should leave Tokyo. After that, Sean and Han's friends then build a car from various parts and Sean then wins the race.

Sean is now the Drift King, challenged for an unnamed driver's race. This driver turns out to be Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel).
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