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Pineapple Secret Benefits - Healthy Food For Your Children

Pineapple Secret Benefits - Healthy Food For Your Children - Mum quietly enters the room with a large package in her hand. His son is still sleeping, after curling up in bed.

"I'll leave all the presents on the table," Mum thought, anxiously staring at her son's pale face. "When he wakes up and sees them his face will soon be cheering again. Today he will be 10 years old, but he looks like he is only seven ..." he sighed sadly at his son who was suffering from anemia.

Then he took from the box a large, brownish-orange scaly fruit with a bunch of thin green leaves on it. Soon the boy appeared in the kitchen doorway.

"Ma'am, where did that huge, fragrant fruit come from?" he asked, barely holding a heavy fruit. "It's a pineapple, dear," my mother answered, smiling. "Your uncle has sent it to you as a gift along with notes. Here listen: 'In this pineapple is hidden the power of the hot tropical sun. It will tell you about the beautiful southern states'." "Can pineapple talk?" the boy was shocked. 

"I think they speak with their looks and smell," my mother answered. "Your uncle has also written me a letter, and I want to read it to you: 'Brother, you write, that my niece is getting weaker because of her illness, so I sent this pineapple. 

Pineapple contains substance - bromelin, this bromelin is like a chimney sweep, cleansing every our body cells Pineapple really helped me - when I experienced inflammation of my veins, at a bad stage even boils began to appear, I worked on a ship and because of my illness they asked me to resign and leave the ship. me to eat pineapple, and now I can run again like a young child Don't be surprised, sister, really you will see for yourself - people who have tried the curative nature of this extraordinary fruit in themselves will never forget it. "

"Oh, this is really a very special fruit - this pineapple," the boy exclaimed with delight after listening to his uncle's letter. "Maybe pineapple is the fruit of a tropical pine tree that grows to the sky, and they have golden flowers?"

"My dear, truly imagination! Okay, I'll bring you a special book about pineapple so you can read all about them. And for now - let's try your gift," said Mum, gently stroking her son on her head.

When mothers cut a few golden yellow circles, the scent of pineapple fills their room. The boy happily applauded. And for lunch, his mother allowed him to eat a few pieces of pineapple, not rice porridge. And, miracle! That day the boy looked very cheerful and full of energy.

"Interesting, maybe this is the result of pineapple?" thought the mother. "Well, I think from now on I will give him more fruit juice and fruit." Within two days her mother brought her the promised book about tropical fruits. And that night nothing could distract him from reading a book. "Mama, you know, pineapple does not grow on pine trees. 

On the contrary, they are very small plants. On short stems grow many hard green leaves that have sharp spines along the edges and sharp edges. Inside the leaves sits a pineapple!" the boy is related to surprise. "Also pineapple flowers are not golden but bright red with blue-purple raceme," the boy continued. Then he sighed. "It is unfortunate that we have eaten all the pineapple. We should take it with any sharp scales or branches. 

If we can remove it easily then the pineapple is ripe." "Go to sleep," laughed mother. "Our pineapple's maturity is without a doubt - see for yourself how much energy has been given to you!"
"O Mama, why did you throw away the top of the leaf-shaped pineapple? We can plant it from the new pineapple. It is said in the book what type of soil and pot we need for it. And also need warm weather Pineapple will not grow if the temperature is below 20 degrees. "

"In fact, a pineapple that is very unusual for my sister to send to me," thought the mother happily as she watched her son's face turn red. One would not believe that just a few days ago this same boy was so pale and weak. "

From then on the boy's health began to improve. His mother remembers giving him fruit and juice every day. He grew and became an agricultural academy student.

Within 10 years in the little Siberian town, where the boy lived, harvesting exotic fruits, from pineapple to pomegranate, began to appear in shops. People were very surprised at this tropical miracle and asked sales assistants how this fruit came to their shop. 

The shopkeeper cheerfully replied that "A scientist planted all this in a local greenhouse. Besides, this scientist gave a lecture about the benefits of all these fruits. And anyone who listens to his lecture will immediately go to the shop to buy this tropical miracle".

Copyright (c) 2008 Lilia Parker

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