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Tips for Increasing Health Benefits of Green Tea and It's Delicious

Tips for Increasing Health Benefits of Green Tea and It's DeliciousThe benefits of green tea can increase substantially if combined with lemon. To understand this principle, first, let's examine the health effects of food combinations.

Tips for Increasing Health Benefits of Green Tea and It's Delicious

Combining with others

Many nutritionists might agree that a combination of foods can have a negative or positive impact on a person's health condition.

People who are not comfortable with indigestion after eating a buffet style can blame unlimited food, but in many cases, a combination of bad food is a contributing problem. For example, mixing melons with other foods is a bad idea.

Fruits in many cases are easily digested in the stomach. Melons are more than 90 percent water, which means they digest more quickly. If digestion is delayed due to a combination with other foods, the fermentation that occurs in the stomach has the potential to cause acid reflux, stomach ache, indigestion, and excessive gas. On the other hand, certain food mixtures increase health benefits by helping absorption.

Examples of Good Food Combinations

Tomatoes and olives are a very good combination. In the world of nutrition, tomatoes are reported to be a good source of Lycopene. Heart disease and cancer prevention are some of the well-known health benefits of Lycopene.

Health benefits increase when tomatoes are consumed together with olives. The process of absorption of Lycopene is enhanced by olives. Now, what about green and lemon tea?

Benefits of Green Tea and How it is absorbed by the Body

Some of the recognized benefits of green tea are weight loss, cancer prevention, heart health, digestive aids and prevention of diabetes.

Thanks to the green tea antioxidants called catechins the benefits are possible. Apart from the benefits of catechins, research shows that these antioxidants are not stable in the human intestine after digestion leaves no more than 20 percent for absorption.

Lemon benefits and how it is absorbed by the body

Lemon also offers antioxidants which are vitamin C. It plays a role in several benefits of lemon such as digestive aids, skin care, and fighting throat infections. More importantly, vitamin C provides a better environment for catechins to survive when mixed together.

By adding Vitamin C, the human intestine turns into an acidic environment for catechins. Doing this makes the catechins more available to absorb.

Besides, it doesn't have to be lemon. Any orange juice such as oranges, lime or grapefruit will improve the absorption function. Even so, lemon juice seems to be the most effective of all which suggests that other lemon elements also help with absorption.

Adding lemon juice to tea can be even better because of the natural taste of bitter green tea. For people who try to find alternative teas, you will find many choices of green tea capsules with vitamin C.

Conclusion About Benefits of Green Tea and Lemon

So Combining several types of food can sometimes give a good and not good effect, for example, Combinations between Green tea and Lemon can be scientifically complementary and both consumed by humans and can have a positive effect on health.

The benefits of Green Tea and Lemon Benefits become one, and the taste given by the combination becomes more delicious and delicious, so for those of you who want a healthy and delicious drink, you can try a mixture of green and lemon tea. try this recipe.
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