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Revealed - This Is the Reason Why Eating Fish Doesn't Give Any Benefits to Your Health

Revealed - This Is the Reason Why Eating Fish Doesn't Give Any Benefits to Your Health - Fish are members of the poikilotermic (cold-blooded) vertebrates that live in water and breathe with gills. With a total species of more than 27,000 species throughout the world's oceans, Fish are known as the most diverse and many types of vertebrate animals.

Benefits of Omega3

Taking Benefits of Fish for Omega 3

While eating fish as part of a balanced diet is good for you, if you eat it specifically to get health benefits from omega-3s from it, you might be wasting your time.

First because of the main types of fish you need to eat to get omega3 from having fatty fish such as wild salmon and tuna, so if you eat lots of cod or haddock then you won't get omega3 from it.

And second to really get the benefits, you have to eat fish practically every day.

Fish types containing Omega 3

Something you also have to remember when you eat salmon or tuna is that there is a version of this fish that you can eat that does not contain Omega 3

For example, if you eat cultivated salmon rather than these fish, they are raised on pellets rather than eating algae that are usually eaten at sea; and these algae are turned into omega3 fats in fish body oils while pellets do not.

As for tuna, if you eat canned tuna than this fish has all Omega three oil stripped from it in the canning process so that when you are left with delicious fish it does not have the same health benefits as tuna steak will have.

Dangers of Tuna and Wild Salmon

Now suppose you want to eat this type of fish every day to get all of the omega3 health enhancing properties from them, so this can actually damage your health.

The reason is because salmon and wild tuna often come from the sea which has a lot of commercial traffic in it which ultimately means the waters have a high level of pollution.

Unfortunately, these pollutants are like mercury, PCB and arsenic, and if you eat fish with this poison every day in the long run, it won't be good for you.

The Solution to Taking the Benefits of Omega 3

Health experts reveal a lot of the goodness of omega to maintain health, so additional supplements containing omega 3 are very good at preventing disease.

Instead of worrying about eating fish every day to get their health benefits, it might be wiser to use fish oil supplements.

Basically for the cost of two servings of salmon you can get a bottle of supplement that will last a month and basically will be equivalent to having a portion of fish every day.

But when choosing supplements, you must be careful because not all toxins are removed; especially you want to make sure that you use supplements that have been molecularly distilled.

Currently many fish oil products on the market are claimed to contain Omega 3 content. It is wise to choose products for you to consume because low prices can be cheap as well.
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