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Read This Before You Begin Fasting: Fasting Tips For Success

Read This Before You Begin Fasting: Fasting Tips For Success - I have heard many complaints from people who want to lose weight and improve their health through fasting, but they are unsure how to prepare or what to expect. Or they believe that fasting is what they want to do but do not get support from friends and/or family members. Even worse, many people here want to fast, but their doctors oppose it.

Read This Before You Begin Fasting Fasting Tips For Success

Know Yourself

I can associate all of these scenarios. And, of course, I'm not here to refute what your doctor ordered you to do or not do. However, there is one thing that I found suitable, and that is: "nobody knows your body is more than you."

If you are over twenty pounds, you may be in danger of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. This is a severe condition that can paralyze anyone's quality of life. Obesity can, in fact, make life like hell. Is that what you want in your life for a decade, one year, one month ... one more day? I don't think so.

Therefore, while I encourage you to listen to concerns about fasting by those close to you, in the end, it must be your decision. After all, this is your life and your body. Although doing water fasting for 40 days may not be in your immediate reach, fasting for 8, 12, or 24 hours at a time can be achieved by almost everyone and can still produce positive results.

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Choose the appropriate fasting method.

Find a fasting plan that suits what you want to achieve. Give yourself a "reachable" goal. If you are just fasting, suddenly you want to do 30 days of fasting; water may be too much. Don't frustrate yourself.

As I said, some traditional medicine doctors oppose fasting ... period. If this is the case with you, ask him if you can at least fast for a short time. Intermittent fasting can be as short as eight hours. Let your doctor know that you are not using fasting as a "strict diet," but as part of a total transformation in your eating habits. If, in the end, your doctor still says you can't fast, then don't! Ask him to explain the reason why fasting is forbidden.

Another option is to visit a holistic medicine practitioner and receive a second opinion. Many outstanding MDs specialize in holistic medicine. I find that the best care is that includes traditional and holistic methods. And fasting so far is one of the most powerful methods of health improvement I know.

Preparation before Fasting

Fasting is different for everyone. Some people are excited, and others feel foggy. So, you mustn't overdo it. Make a fasting journal and write it as often as possible when you fast. Be sure to enter the time, date, and "fasting day" that you follow on each post. Fasting opens the door to enthusiasm, so you may have moments of insight and inspiration when making a journal. You will NOT want to miss it. Frequently writing a journal while fasting is definitely a necessity.

You need to invest in several items to get the most out of the fasting plan. First, you have to buy a juicer instead of choosing juice at the supermarket. Fresh juice, and not pasteurized, is definitely the right way.

Types of Food / Drinks During Fasting

Sometimes it's hard to find, but if you can buy fruits and vegetables that are organically grown, it will be optimal. If you are going to fast the water, I highly recommend you drink the best quality water you can. Buy a good water filter. If you can afford it, my choice is ionized water. But everything is better than tap water. If you can't afford a filter, at least boil tap water before drinking it.

Decaffeinated green tea is an excellent supplement for fasting because it will give you a little energy and help calm hunger. Although exercising during fasting is permissible and even advisable, it must be limited to stressful or low aerobic movements. Walking or stretching exercises are the best during fasting - but take it easy. If you don't want to force yourself - don't.

Determine Fasting Time and Break Fasting Time

Also, make sure you prepare to break the fast at least one week before the date arrives. Breaking fast is the most critical part of the process. If you are not ready, hunger can make you overeat, which, in turn, can use severe discomfort and severe intestinal damage. You can Google the term "iftar" and develop excellent resources to help you.

When fasting ends, realize that your body has just experienced a great experience of recovery and regeneration. Avoid foods high in carbohydrates, sugar, additives, alcohol, soda, and pure milk (choose low-fat or fat-free).


Fasting should be the first step you take in developing a healthier lifestyle. When you learn how to fast safely, you will end fasting with a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction. Most importantly, fasting must be a tool that will direct you to change permanent eating habits.
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