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Not Eating Gluten, Whether It Includes Diet Or Not

Not Eating Gluten, Whether It Includes Diet Or Not - OK, I keep hearing, as you do about this gluten-free diet which is the greatest thing since slicing bread (and yes, puns are meant). So I decided to do research on this matter to find out whether that was the only thing to do. 

Or is it just the latest fashion diet that appears every or two years. We've all heard of them on the grapefruit diet, cabbage diet, and so on.

Not Eating Gluten, Whether It Includes Diet Or Not

Know what Gluten is

The first thing I want to know is what is gluten. Well, I know and I will share it with you now. Gluten is a protein found in most grains such as wheat, rye, and wheat.

What this protein does is help the dough like bread, biscuits, and pizza crust hold its shape. Another advantage of this protein is that it provides a chewy consistency in baked goods.

With further research, I also found that many companies and more gluten in their products make it softer and more supple.

Another thing I don't know is that gluten is used in things like ice cream, salad dressing and many other things that don't have to have a "GLUTEN" label on it, do it in small amounts. So this raises the next question of why gluten is so bad for us.

Actually What Is the Effect of Gluten on the Body

Now it's time to find out what this evil gluten is doing to us and why it makes us fat. I am sure now that you are guessing what I am doing next, further research. So after checking this, I was surprised to learn that gluten doesn't make us fat.

Gluten Complications

I found out if you have celiac disease, gluten is your enemy. What celiac disease does is cause a reaction in the small intestine that rips the inner lining which causes you to not absorb all the nutrients you need.

Over a long period of time, this can cause severe pain and a lack of essential vitamins needed by the body and brain. So for people, this is not only painful but can also cause many other health problems.

Now, what about all of us who don't have Celica why it's bad for us. Some doctors say that gluten sensitivity is more common than we know, but that hasn't answered my question. Why does it make us fat?

Gluten and Weight Relationships

Now after doing some reading and seeing reports and all the boring things that happened by trying to find out all this. I find that gluten has nothing to do with adding or decreasing weight.

So why do people lose so much weight with "GLUTEN FREE DIET"? Well, the answer is quite simple, people change the way they eat. To do a gluten-free diet, you can no longer eat processed foods. That means all junk food is gone. What happens is that people eat the food they should.

Let's think about this if gluten is found in wheat products such as pasta, bread, bagels, and many others; and we know that in large quantities these carbohydrates make us gain weight. Rather than if you cut these things you might lose weight.

I'm not saying that this diet is bad for you. Actually, for many people, it might be good. This means that people who are on this diet may eat better now, but for those of us who want to get muscle maybe that is the right diet for us.

Let's face it, we need carbohydrates to build muscle and most of the carbohydrates we take into our bodies contain gluten. Now if we try to reduce weight, this might be a diet for us similar to the keto diet. Also if you suffer from stomach pain, you might be tested for celiac disease.

Eating trash should be avoided

In conclusion, gluten doesn't make us fat, eating rubbish makes us fat. Most if we pay attention to what we eat and make good decisions in food choices than we have no reason to fear gluten unless you have celiac disease.

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