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Moles Reduction - Home Ingredients That Serve To Remove Moles

Moles Reduction - Home Ingredients That Serve To Remove Moles - Moles reduction, or removing a do-it-yourself mole, sounds like something you learned on the discovery channel. However, if you have a mole on your face or elsewhere in your body that causes you to feel horrified, then I want to share with you the common household ingredients that kill pigmented mole cells and cleanse your skin.

Moles Reduction - Home Ingredients That Serve To Remove Moles

DIY Mole Removal Material

Basically, removing your own mole will require a slightly acidic compound. This can be in certain fruit juices such as sour apples, pineapple, pomegranate, red onion, or cauliflower. You might be wondering how to extract juice from some of these items.

You can do this in several ways:

First, you can use a blender and grind the fruit into semi-liquid.
Second, find juice extract at a local health food store.

Remove moles with castor oil.

Castor oil is available in most local drug stores and is another DIY mole remedy that contains acidic components. But castor oil is softer on your skin.

In fact, derivatives of castor oil have been approved by the FDA for use in common skin problems and are used to treat acne. 

This is also a common ingredient in lipstick, lip gloss, and shampoo because it can soften the skin and hair.

DIY Mole Removal Procedure

The procedure for removing moles will vary depending on the removal material of the DIY mole you have chosen. Therefore, you generally have to prepare a mole before applying the treatment and repeat the application several times a day.

Not all home solutions require you to prepare a mole before the application. However, I find this to be the most efficient method.

Prepping your mole is beneficial because it allows the layer of pigment in the mole to be exposed to an active eraser ingredient. This can speed things up for you.

Also, you have to apply the juice directly with lots of sour juice. This can be fine; However, I prefer to mix sour juice or castor oil into pasta with other ingredients. 

This allows thicker applications, which are easier to work with, and you will find it easier to store pasta on a mole, away from the sensitive skin surrounding your mole.

Protect skin that has no moles

One final consideration is how to protect the skin surrounding your mole when you apply the DIY mole removal material. As I said before, you will work with acidic ingredients. 

Even though it's a little sour, you have to repeat the application from time to time, and this can cause burns to your skin.

I recommend first applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin surrounding your mole (not covering the mole) and then applying the paste directly to the mole. This will prevent damage to your skin and make you have a much more enjoyable experience in the long run.

Considerations before Using DIY Mole Removal Techniques

I have outlined some of the popular DIY mole removal methods for you in this article. However, you should not just jump into your favorite DIY mole removal technique without one or two warnings.

1. Not all moles are candidates for removing DIY moles. 

The method we will teach here can be used and is safe to apply to your mole for those of you who have a normal mole. However, if your mole is abnormal (i.e., dysplastic mole) in appearance, shape, or color, you need to consult a doctor first.

Another characteristic to consider before using the DIY mole removal method is if your mole has recently appeared on your skin (new moles that appear on adult skin) or have changed in any way over the past few months. 

This characteristic can indicate a pre-cancerous mole or contains cancer cells, and you need to consult a doctor before removing it.

2. Even with natural ingredients, you need to monitor your mole when it fades. 

Many people think that the method of removing DIY moles is risk-free. And while using natural ingredients to remove moles can limit the risk of scarring or infection, you need to monitor your progress.

The best choice for Reducing Moles

Many natural ingredients for removing DIY moles have acidic properties and, therefore, burn the skin if you apply them excessively. My advice is to move slowly but follow a predetermined routine and pay attention to your mole during the removal process to ensure you don't see unusual marks. You will see changes in moles, but the skin around the mole should not be affected if you do something right.

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