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Know the Benefits of Alkaline and Types of foods that contain high Alkaline

Know the Benefits of Alkaline and Types of foods that contain high AlkalineMost of all fruits and vegetables are alkaline but to get the maximum benefit one must try and consume high alkaline foods.

To get the maximum benefit from high-calorie food, one must regularly consume it, because most fruits and vegetables are ordinary.

Foods that are high in alkaline content can help achieve the optimal benefits of the food we eat while maintaining our body's pH balance.

Children and elderly people have a small appetite and by giving them such food, one can ensure that they get adequate nutrition even in small portions.

Know the Benefits of Alkaline and Types of foods that contain high Alkaline

How to get Benefit from Alkaline Food

To maintain a healthy body a person must consume 60% alkaline food and the remaining 40% can be acidic but to restore a healthy pH balance, foods with high alkali content should be around 80% of all food intake. This is where high-alkaline foods come in.

High alkaline Vegetables

In the vegetable category, most items are alkaline, but there are some that are considered to have high alkali content.


Raw spinach falls in this segment. But this food, which is very basic, if cooked into acidification.


Likewise, asparagus which is a high alkali food is only good if it's green; the white tip is acidic and should not be cooked.

Foods that contain high alkali are very important for the body and unless someone has a dead desire they should not be left out of food.


Onions, hardly grass and parsley are also high in alkaline content. Onions can be eaten raw for maximum benefit or cooked with other vegetables.

Green Vegetable Juice

Green vegetable juice is also considered part of very alkaline food.

Reduce Salt

Salt intake must be limited but always use sea salt containing iodine to get alkali with salt too. A little salt can make a glass of vegetable juice quite intriguing for taste.

High alkaline fruit types

In addition to vegetables, many fruits also contain high alkali, below we will mention some types of fruits that contain high alkali.

Besides vegetables, fruits are also very alkaline. Lemon and limes are acidic in essence, after being digested by the body and base ash. So this fruit, although acidic, has an alkaline effect on the body.


Lemon has a high alkali content and besides vitamin C in it is also loved because of its sharp taste. Lemonade can work wonderfully in refreshing the body that is tried both long and short. Foods that contain high alkaline can help eliminate one from depression and fatigue.


Papaya is also a food with high alkali content and releases a lot of alkaline ash. Consuming papaya regularly causes glowing skin and shiny hair. 


Watermelon is another food that is alkaline but should not be combined with other foods because it does not make good combination foods. Mangoes and oranges are also found in this graph.

Olive oil

Olive oil has a special place on the list of high alkaline foods. It's very alkaline and foods cooked in olive oil can do wonders for the body ph. Olive oil is even recommended for skin and hair to improve its texture.

Combination of Herbal Tea and Lemon

Herbal tea and lemon water also contain high alkalis. Herbal tea is a good drink for cold days while lemon juice will refresh you on a hot afternoon.

Calcium Food Consumption

Having these high alkaline foods will help the body fight disease and also cure it. Eating high alkaline foods also increases life span.
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