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Is Essential Oil For Cholesterol A Viable Treatment?

Is Essential Oil For Cholesterol A Viable Treatment?Biologists consider volatile oil to be a secondary metabolite that usually acts as a self-defense tool so that it is not eaten by animals (pests) or as agents to compete with other plants (see allelopathy) in maintaining living space. Although animals sometimes also emit odors (such as musk from some weasels or pungent odors from a few ladybugs), they are not classified as essential oils.

Is Essential Oil For Cholesterol A Viable Treatment?

Essential oils Fact

Essential oils have long been touted for use in aromatherapy but what about health issues like cholesterol? Essential oil for cholesterol has been a focus of medical research for quite some time because if these oils can make an impact in other areas of your health, why not cholesterol? 

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for everything from arthritis, muscle aches, and nausea to colds, flu and blood pressure. There really could be an essential oil for cholesterol which could lower the bad cholesterol in your blood which could cause heart attack and stroke.

Cinnamon Is Quite Popular

Cinnamon as an essential oil is derived from the leaves and bark of the cinnamon plant which is usually only found in Indonesian countries and Sri Lanka. From an aromatherapy standpoint, cinnamon gives you a feeling of comfort and well-being as well as has the ability to perk up a depressive mood.

As an essential oil for cholesterol, cinnamon has shown great promise in reducing overall levels, particularly the bad LDL cholesterol. 

No one knows exactly why cinnamon works for patients with cholesterol problems but the fact is that many people who consume just ½ a teaspoon can reduce their cholesterol levels without harming their health. 

Even triglyceride levels lower and diabetics notice an improvement in their blood sugar levels.

Basil - Not Just for Italian Food

Basil as an essential oil for cholesterol is not as widely known but there have been some studies that have shown promise with this particular herb. Related to the peppermint family, most people know basil is a top ingredient in most Italian food dishes. 

However, basil as an essential oil for cholesterol comes into play because it holds back the oxidation process of free radicals which allow cholesterol to build up in the blood.

Lemon for Good Health

Lemon is another great essential oil for cholesterol-busting and of course, lemon's relatives in the aromatherapy department - lemon balm and lemongrass also help. Lemon is great for the circulatory system and the reason is it lowers the stickiness in the blood that occurs when cholesterol is high. 

The lemon function also helps break down plaque deposits in the arteries, which ultimately helps reduce the symptoms of cholesterol

Looking beyond lemon, cinnamon and basil for another essential oil for cholesterol will take the further study of essential oil properties as well as seeking research that depicts testing of other oils. 

In the meantime, introducing the above three essential oils should be enough to lower your cholesterol reading at least by a few points.

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