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How to Take Care of Your Pretty Underwear

How to Take Care of Your Pretty Underwear - We hear so much about how to achieve properly fitted bras, the benefits, styles (which I will cover at some point in time) etc, but don't often get tips on how to best take care of pretty underwear. 

I believe this area is important as it enables not just enjoying our lingerie but also helps to make it last longer which is pretty vital in these economic times!

How to Take Care of Your Pretty Underwear

The first step is to actually buy quality lingerie. 

It's become more evident than ever that the better the quality the more longevity. It is best to have just four ladies bras that are in good shape and therefore give you the correct fitting and lift you need then for eight cheap quality bras that don't give you much lift, not to talk of fit and support. 

At this point, you may want to consider the benefits of properly fitted ladies bras. We next want to consider how we can take better care of our properly fitted ladies bras to make the most of it! As highlighted the first step is to have a fair number of quality bras. 

Opinion has it that at least six bras will do. This will give you the flexibility of being able to rotate them.

This will bring about less wear and tear, especially the elasticised band that goes all around and constantly under pressure. It's a bit like wearing the same shoes day in and day out. Before you know it, the heels are gone! 

How do you store your pretty underwear? 

Do you just yank them off and fling them anywhere, even on the carpet where they can easily pick up fluff? Or do you take care to at least hang them or put them away neatly?

How you put on and take off your bra is important too. Ideally, when you put on you ladies bras you want to put your arms first through the straps, then bring your hands towards your back to put the hooks together. 

From experience, I can truly tell you that this takes a bit of practice with perseverance. Within a short time, you will find it quicker than hooking your bra in the front and twisting it round to the back. It also puts less pressure on the band which will also pick up less body dirt or even cream from the body.

The most important step is how to wash our pretty underwear? 

Most especially the lacy, delicate or moulded ladies bras which need extra TLC? Always hand wash your ladies bras, ladies briefs or ladies thongs, be it shorts (to maintain their colour match).

Use a gentle detergent to avoid stripping them of colour and maintain elasticity. I would recommend soaking them first in warm water to remove most of the dirt. 

This will allow for less scrub and therefore less stress on your lingerie. In this case, put them in a lingerie basket or bag with the hooks of your ladies bras done up and put them on gentle machine wash. 

Never dry your women's underwear in a tumble dryer and always dry away from direct heat or sunlight, lying down or dry flat if possible and reshape especially moulded bras whilst damp.

The last step is to put your pretty underwear neatly away

Put it in a separate chest of drawers or lingerie rack. And remember, your pretty ladies thongs, ladies briefs and shorts also need as much care too! Lingerie you'll love living in!

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