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Facts and Benefits of Moringa Oleifera - The Miracle Tree

Facts and Benefits of Moringa Oleifera - The Miracle Tree - It is believed that the most nutritious plant on planet Earth is Moringa Oleifera. Since the Discovery Channel documentary about Moringa Oleifera ten years ago, people all over the world have noticed strong botany and its extraordinary health benefits. 

This documentary highlights the success seen in parts of Africa where people who add dried Moringa leaves to their food overcome malnutrition. 

Facts and Benefits of Moringa Oleifera - The Miracle Tree

Here are some key facts about the Benefits of moringa:

  1. Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of each plant so far studied on earth.
  2. Moringa contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.
  3. Moringa is referenced in 300 traditional medicines.
  4. Moringa contains 4x calcium milk, 4x vitamin A carrot, 2x yogurt protein, 3x potassium banana, 7x vitamin C orange.
  5. Maintain our immune system.
  6. Promotes healthy circulation.
  7. Supports normal blood glucose levels.
  8. Benefits of natural anti-aging
  9. Promotes healthy digestion
  10. Increase mental clarity and increase energy
  11. The National Geographic Society states that Moringa is considered an amazing source of nutrition. The National Science Foundation's UN World Food Program, The National Institute of Health.
  12. Moringa is exponentially more nutritious in dry form than raw.

When we think of hunger and malnutrition throughout the world, we usually think of Africa and India. There are many other countries that have this problem. These countries are located in areas where the climate is warm enough to grow Moringa Oleifera. 

Very confusing why there is still malnutrition and hunger. That's because of ignorance and lack of awareness. People usually don't realize that the solution to their problem grows right in their backyard, so to speak. 

The more awareness that can be raised, the more Moringa can be used as a solution. There are a number of good organizations tasked with educating people, in these countries, about this magical tree. If people don't have anything to eat, this tree can keep them alive!

People all over the world need to know about this extraordinary plant. For example, in North America, people also lack nutrition. Not because you eat too little, but from lack of nutrients in the food supply. This is one of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic. 

Poor agricultural practices, GMO food, and many more are to blame for malnutrition in North America. It should be noted that Moringa can be prepared and sent throughout the world without losing its efficacy because it maintains its nutritional value through the drying process.


Think about this, have you ever heard of edible trees? Many parts of the Moringa tree can be used, from leaves to fruit. The oil pressed out of the seeds can be used for cooking or medical purposes as well. 

The remaining seed cake from pressing the seeds is able to filter the dirtiest water into pure drinking water. No wonder why Moringa trees are quoted as "very giving trees".

Moringa can easily grow in warmer climates. Seeds are available online or from other sources. In cooler climates such as North America and Europe, Moringa powder can be found online by doing a simple search. 

It comes in capsules or in larger quantities ready to be prepared. There is also a direct sales company, Zija International which has created a very impressive line of high-quality products based around Moringa trees.

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