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Calorie Benefit Cycle and Examples of Its Application

Calorie Benefit Cycle and Examples of Its Application - The body has the extraordinary ability to adapt very quickly to the pressure placed there, intentionally or not. When dieting, many fitness models limit their calorie intake significantly, and the body adapts to holding every possible calorie out of fear of starvation. 

This increases body weight. When the body is pressed by one activity for a long time, the body will adapt, and weight loss will stagnate. Shifting calories and exercising are vital factors when looking for sustainable weight loss. 

Calorie cycling is a concept that has been developed over time, with the theory that changing the type of food you eat and the composition of calories from the food you eat will ensure that your metabolism will never get used to the amount and type of energy given, and because it's lost weight.

Calorie Benefit Cycle and Examples of Its Application

Some types of Calorie Diets that you can try:

Step 1

Simmer two glasses of water. Add one cup of old oats, not instant, and simmer until soft. When done, add 8 peanuts on top of the oatmeal, with 2 tsp, from honey. Add 8 to 10 blueberries into the mixture and enjoy half a cup of Greek yogurt with a bit of cinnamon on top. 

This will be the highest calorie, carbohydrate food of your day. Calorie cycling is basically done by eating 4 or more times a day, keeping calorie values ​​every time you eat differently, and constantly mixing the order in which you eat food day after day.

Step 2

Cut seasonal fresh melons, and eat 4 or 5 small squares or 2 slices. Eat melons with 5 raw almonds. Melon is full of water, fiber, and nutrients and makes you feel full without calories. This is your second meal today.

Step 3

Bake a source of lean protein, such as a small chicken breast or one fish fillet. Add the top meat with fresh herbs, depending on the choice of meat. Steamed 1/2 parts of broccoli that have been separated, and 1 cup of fresh green beans, to be eaten in combination with your meat portion. 

This third food consists mainly of protein, and vegetables are low on the glycemic index - they don't increase blood sugar.

Step 4

Mix a large dark green kale, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and turnips. Add healthy heart fat with sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almond slices, and a mixture of olive oil with enough balsamic vinegar as your sauce. 

This fourth food is full of vegetables low in carbohydrates and rich in essential fatty acids. Enjoy a sprinkling of old cheese on top to add flavor and wealth. These foods can have the highest fat content of food today.

Step 5

Reset the menu and food calorie density for food the next day. Making a light breakfast with protein mainly uses eggs, cheese, and yogurt. Lunch can be heavier with bread, wrappers, and biscuits, while lunch and dinner can be the majority of vegetables and fat. 

Continue to rearrange the type of food you eat and when you eat it to get the full benefit of a calorie cycling diet. Want to be a fat-burning stove?


This diet works best if you eat a choice of healthy carbohydrates such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. Drink plenty of water throughout the day with this diet, and do physical activity at least three times every week. 

You have to eat every time at different times every day. Other suggestions and tips can be reviewed to better understand calorie cycles at


Always consult with your doctor before changing your diet significantly.
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