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Blackhead Treatment - Try to treat blackheads naturally

Blackhead Treatment - Try to treat blackheads naturally - A lot of blackhead treatment options are available anywhere - whether on the isles of supermarkets and stores to over-the-counter pharmacy shelves and even online. You can choose from a wide assortment of treatment medications. There are strips, facial waxes, creams and those with herbal ingredients.

Blackhead Treatment - Try to treat blackheads naturally

Introduce ClearPores

One of these products is ClearPores. It does wonders to the skin via a 3-part system. The American market does not only love it, but even European herbalists are also giving good reviews about this blackhead treatment solution.

How it Works ClearPores

ClearPores is making waves because of its extraordinary treatment system that works great in getting rid of blackheads and acne. It completely takes care of the major aspects affecting the development of blackheads. This means it works not only on the outside but also within. 

What makes it special is that its ingredients are from the herbal powers of the Sarsaparilla Root, Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera and Red Clover.

ClearPores first deeply washes the skin to unclog the pores and get rid of bacteria and dirt on your skin. Then, it attacks the bacteria that are causing the infection. Lastly, it protects and keeps the skin free from renewed blackhead and acne attacks. 

Its salicylic acid and SD alcohol content that works with the above-mentioned herbs are the ones that cleanse the skin and defeats bacteria.

Other Blackheads Treatment

The use of herbal ingredients ensures that its effects are perfectly safe on human skin. Aside from ClearPores, there are other blackhead treatment solutions with herbal ingredients. One of them is ProActiv. 

It is one of the widely used anti-acne products today. However, it also has Benzoyl Peroxide that can be extremely strong on the skin. There are also reported side effects on the use of this product such as blistering, skin irritation, rashes, and crusting. 

Vilantae is also a popular acne treatment product. It comes in the form of herbal pills. However, there are customers complaining of diarrhea, stomach problems and headaches while using it.

Blackheads Treatment Materials from the Kitchen

If you're one of those who are afraid to try blackhead treatment products sold commercially because of the possible side effects it can do to your face, skin, and body, there are also natural home remedies you can try on your blackheads. 

You can just go around your kitchen and find these ingredients easily accessible: 

Parsley - First, put an about a ¼ cup of parsley in your juicer and blender (set aside the pulp as well). 

Start Juicing. Next, prepare a basin with hot water for a basic herbal facial steam therapy. 

Then, apply the parsley juice and pulp generously on the blackhead-prone areas of your face (especially the T-Zone). Make sure you avoid your eyes. Lastly, steam your face while there's parsley juice on it.

Determine the best treatment for you

There are lots of other kitchen ingredients you can use as exfoliates on your face for blackhead treatment and prevention. However, for worse case blackhead and acne problems, avoid medicating on your own or you may end up with twice the problem. 

It is still best to consult with a dermatologist or skin specialist for better acne treatment solutions.

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