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Blackhead Treatment - 8 Choices for Successful Blackhead Treatment

Blackhead Treatment - 8 Choices for Successful Blackhead Treatment - Did you know that you might touch blackheads too much, and there are several blackheads treatment options that can be used? In general, we only squeeze our blackheads, and while that might work, we can do a lot of damage if we press too hard.

Yes, many experts will say that squeezing is bad, but if you examine it gently, it might help cleanse your skin and protect it from further damage. The problem with so many who say that their blackheads work well, who do you trust? 

Blackhead Treatment - 8 Choices for Successful Blackhead Treatment

Well, here are eight Simple ways to cure Blackheads, from now on:

1 - Retinoid lotion:

A good way to get rid of blackheads and keep your skin clean is to use a retinoid lotion such as Retin-A. This product makes skin cells operate normally, helps reduce sebum production and cleanse your pores. The only problem is that the treatment of blackheads is a long process.

2 - Exfoliation products and treatments:

Using several types of peels containing benzoyl peroxide can help open your pores by removing dead skin cells. By using this product correctly, this product is soft on your skin, but still works very well for cleaning the most difficult blackheads. 

Other exfoliating blackheads are microdermabrasion - but this is usually done in a skin care clinic.

3 - Gently pushes:

It is possible to gently push dirt out of blackheads. In fact, this treatment of blackheads works well to help cleanse your skin too. It's true that pushing can make your skin worse, but that's how you push blackheads out. 

Being gentle is always recommended. Instead of pushing too hard on difficult blackheads, it is best to try other methods of removal.

4 - Get chemical skin:

If you tend to get a lot of dirt and sebum collected in your pores, then any product that contains salicylic acid or chemical skin containing glycolic acid is very helpful in cleaning dead skin cells. But this type of blackheads is not recommended if you are already using retinoid lotion.

5 - Eat healthy:

Another good medicine is to start eating healthier. To clear zits, a good diet will help slow down sebum production, while keeping your skin well hydrated. This can be done by only avoiding saturated and hydrogenated fats, consuming more water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Any carbohydrates and oils that have been heated should be avoided, while cold-pressed natural oils (such as extra virgin olive oil) are great for the treatment of these natural blackheads.

6 - Pore strips:

Also helpful is to use pore strips, which can be placed on your face or nose for about 10 minutes. Once placed, they are then quickly withdrawn to get rid of blackheads near the surface. 

This is not a long-term solution to cure blackheads, but the strip works quickly and is easy to use - as long as you use it correctly.

7 - Metal extractor:

Modern treatment of blackheads is a metal extractor. This device has a small and round tip, which is placed on top of the blackheads to attach it. This method must be done carefully to avoid scarring.

8 - Makeup:

This tip is for all women out there who use a lot of makeup. Always use products that keep your pores clean, like non-comedogenic makeup. 

A few more tips for you - after sweating and before going to bed, it's best to remove your makeup completely with a good cleanser. And often clean your sponge and brush, so blackheads are never needed.

Try practicing the technique we have mentioned above, we are very sure that you will eliminate and cure your blackheads.

But for the treatment of permanent blackheads, you must incorporate some of these methods into your daily life.

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