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Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Fish Every Day for Human Health

Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Fish Every Day for Human Health - Fish, especially marine fish, are often considered to be a much healthier food for consumption. Especially when compared to red meat or poultry meat which is considered to be able to cause disease when consumed in excess. In fact, if examined, health experts only advise us to consume fish meat two or three times every week, not every day. Apparently, this recommendation is based on the possibility that eating fish meat every day can be bad for health.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Fish Every Day for Human Health

Disadvantages of eating fish meat every day

Sea Fish contains Mercury.

If we eat the flesh of sea fish too often, there is a possibility that the risk of mercury poisoning will increase. This is due to the mercury content that can indeed be found in the fish we consume.

Good Content of Fish

Indeed, marine fish have healthy contents such as protein and omega 3 fatty acids that can prevent cholesterol problems, but if we also consume too much mercury, then the risk of getting poisoned or even neurodegenerative disorders will increase significantly.

Bad Mercury Effects

For information, mercury is actually still safe to consume as long as the amount is small. It's just that, this content can also have an adverse effect on health, especially for pregnant women or young children. If the consumption of mercury is very excessive in children, the risk of developing a neurological deficit or even a developmental disorder can occur.

Choosing fish with a low mercury content

Health experts say fish that have high mercury levels are usually larger. This means, if we find smaller-sized marine fish, these fish are usually safer to consume because the mercury levels are also smaller.

These large fish indicate that they tend to have a longer age. This means that the mercury levels in them also tend to have accumulated in greater amounts.

Fish species containing high mercury

Some types of fish that have high mercury levels so they should be limited to consumption are:

  • Swordfish,
  • Shark,
  • Marlin fish,
  • Bigeye tuna fish
  • King mackerel,
  • tilefish, as well
  • orange fish roughly
Fish that have been mentioned should not be consumed in excess. Health experts advise us to consume freshwater fish such as catfish and catfish.

Meanwhile, salmon and tilapia also tend to have low mercury levels which are safe for consumption.

Become a debate of health experts

Although the suggestion to limit fish meat intake is reasonable, health expert Professor Eric Eric from the Harvard School of Public Health said that fish consumption every day is actually okay for the health of the body.

It's just that, for pregnant women and children, their consumption should be limited. Many health experts also agree with Eric's opinion even though there are still some other experts who are still concerned about the possibility of danger from dangerous mercury exposure.

The benefits of eating fish regularly

Apart from the disadvantages of eating fish, if we consume fish meat regularly at least two or three times a week, then we will be able to experience an increase in body metabolism and prevent inflammation.

Here are some of the benefits of eating fish that we will get.

1. Get good fat intake.

Fish meat is rich in omega 3 fatty acids known as good fats that can reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, and healthy brain function. This will affect the reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. Getting vitamin D

Apparently, eating fish can also help the body get enough vitamin D intake. By getting vitamin D, the body will be better at absorbing healthy nutrients from food.

3. Prevent depression

Although the cause is still not really known, many health experts who mention fish eating habits are associated with a lower risk of depression. It's just that there is an assumption that Omega-3 fatty acids can affect hormone levels which can make moods better.

Conclusions about the Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Fish

Eating fish is very good for health but in addition to its good effects, there are also disadvantages, so to minimize the loss of eating fish, and get good. then eat enough fish with the portion recommended by health experts.

Perhatikan Juga asupan makanan bergizi untuk ibu hamil dan anak-anak, namun jangan beri makan ikan terlalu banyak.

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