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Active Manuka Honey is Truly Amazing

Active Manuka Honey is Truly Amazing - Active manuka honey products are becoming more and more common worldwide. At one time, they were only available in New Zealand, the country of origin. 

But, thanks to the internet, anyone can take advantage of this unique ingredient. Before you buy, you might like to know a bit about the history, the grading system, and some of the different skincare creams that contain it.

Manuka Honey Using For Health

Manuka was used by traditional healers and native tribes in New Zealand for various health problems. Taken orally, it was a good solution for a sore throat, to relieve stomach problems, or to improve chronic conditions, such as ulcerative colitis. It was also applied to wounds to speed healing and treat the infection.

In recent years, scientific evaluation has shown that honey is unique. All kinds of honey have been used as "folk remedies" down through time, but when compared to other varieties, manuka is the most "active" one.

Manuka Honey Benefits

What is Active Manuka Honey Mean?

When you see the label "active manuka honey products," it means that the raw ingredient was tested for antibacterial and antioxidant activity. 

The product is then "graded" using the "unique manuka factor" or UMF. A UMF rating of 10 or more is required for the product to be considered "medicinal quality."

You can find edible active manuka honey products, as well as skincare creams that contain it for cleansing, moisturizing, or healing. 

Available items include cookies and other sweets, bar soaps, and creams. Or, you can simply order a jar of the sweet stuff. It is dark, rich honey, quite different in taste from clover honey.

You see, it is a "mono-floral" variety. That means that the bees gather their pollen only from the flowering manuka bush. According to the agency that grades it, beekeepers in rural areas provide the highest quality.

Manuka Honey Product for Skin Care

When the manuka is used for skincare products, it is dehydrated through a process that does not destroy its active nature. 

The powder is then combined with natural oils, such as macadamia, avocado oil, and Shea butter. What benefits does the ingredient provide to the skin?

The ingredient supports the cell renewal process and assists in the formation of more muscular collagen fibers. 

These fibers are found deep beneath the skin's surface and are primarily responsible for their strength and elasticity. As collagen production slows down with age, the skin begins to sag.

So, active manuka honey products designed for the skin can help prevent sagging and slow down aging. 

Because of its antioxidant activity can prevent free radical damage, which is one of the primary causes of wrinkles and an aged appearance.

Manuka Honey is The Best Choice

Free radicals are formed when the skin is exposed to UV radiation from the sun or environmental pollution, such as smoke. Let's say that you went out for the evening and ended up in a smoky bar. 

To counter that effect, you would wash with active manuka honey products when you get home and apply a cream that contains it before going to bed. That's just one of the ways that you can protect your skin's health and appearance.

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