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Acne Blackhead Treatment, How to Heal Yourself

Acne Blackhead Treatment, How to Heal Yourself - Blackheads are small bumps that appear in the skin's pores and are the forerunner of zits. Blackheads usually appear on the skin of the face but can also appear on other body parts, such as the shoulders, chest, back, or arms.

Blackheads do not cause pain unless blackheads have an infection. That infection can cause the skin to become reddish, swollen, and appear pimples.

Acne Blackhead Treatment, How to Heal Yourself
Acne Blackhead Treatment

Blackheads Facts and Causes of Blackheads

You would give anything for an efficient acne blackhead treatment? Welcome to the club! There are millions like you on our planet. Blackheads are caused by clogged skin pores, and clogged skin pores, in turn, are caused by excessive sebum production, which is triggered by hormonal imbalance. It turns black simply because of a chemical reaction with air.

Cheer up; blackheads are considered a MILD form of acne! However, here are a few clues as to what you should NOT attempt to do when considering an acne blackhead treatment...

DO NOT squeeze them out.

Seeing blackheads that adorn your face is annoying, but that doesn't mean you have to squeeze it; I know you think it is illogical: they make your skin ugly, so removing them should be the solution. Not so. Think about it: when you remove blackheads, all you're left with is... a red, inflamed skin and not the skin of your dreams. So please: HANDS OFF!

Moreover, even when you remove your blackheads, they always come back, don't they? And you know what? They could even return bigger and uglier than before... No, an efficient acne blackhead treatment then!

Oh, but there are indeed people who report effectively squeezing away blackheads! True, but they are mostly left with a HOLE where the blackhead used to be. Yuck, not pleasant either.

Germs make Blackheads Worse.

And what about germs? Your nails may look spotless, but they definitely are NOT. Bacteria love it there and are only waiting for a chance to enter your body... Ever heard of staph infections? No? Well, staphylococcus is a highly nasty bacteria, and attempting to remove blackheads with your nails could invite them into your body.

What about using one of those specially-designed blackhead removers? Only slightly better than nails, and still not a good idea, if you ask me.

So what it is I CAN do? What's an efficient acne blackhead treatment?

As written above, any form of acne is caused by hormonal imbalance. Treat the cause first and avoid over-processed modern food.

Alternately, you can also resort to exfoliation. It means softly scrubbing your skin to unclog the pores for you guys. You have to use a proper lotion and do that two to three times a week. Try to do it very gently to not push the blackhead down into the skin. That could cause zits.

Another good weapon is stripped. Dirt and sebum stick to them thanks to a particular substance they're covered with. Just let the strip dry, then remove it. It won't fully cure you, but it may help you look better.
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