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Use These 5 Natural Remedies for Eliminating Eye Allergy

Use These 5 Natural Remedies for Eliminating Eye AllergyDid you know that allergies can affect the eyes? The fact that a burning sensation, itching, bulging eyelids, and watery eyes can be a result of allergies. Eye allergies can be bothersome and troublesome. 

The good thing is that you don't need to see a doctor if you suffer from itchy, red and teary eyes. You can treat allergies that affect the eyes just as you treat other allergies such as nasal congestion using natural allergy removers.

Use These 5 Natural Remedies for Eliminating Eye Allergy

Facts About Eye Allergy

Allergies that affect the eye are also known as eye allergies or conjunctivitis. Statistics show that one out of every five people has allergic eyes. Even though allergies cause interference with the way you carry out your daily affairs, they have nothing serious besides blurred vision, which is mostly short-term.

There are a number of factors that can cause eye allergies including infections and other problems that pose a serious threat to vision such as eye floaters. 

There are two types of allergies that affect the eye namely preferential and seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies ... 

These are the most common allergies. Just as the name suggests, they only occur at certain times of the year usually in the early spring throughout the summer to fall. Allergens present in the air such as grass pollen, spores, and trees associated with these allergens as soon as the eye is exposed to them.

Lasting allergy ... 

This happens all year long. Making your eyes exposed to dust, mites, animal hair and fur are the main causes of annual illness. Chlorine, cosmetics, smoke and perfume and some medicines are other causes.

Most of the time you will know the cause of eye allergies is like when dust sweeps your eyes or when a confused animal rises above you for example. Although not dangerous, it is important for you to overcome eye allergies with natural eye allergy remover before turning into eye disease.

Even so, you don't need to rush to the doctor when you have this allergy. You can use some of the natural solutions available to fix the problem.

Here Are Five Natural Remedies For Removing Eye Allergies:

Cayenne ... 

This is a very strong concoction and must be extra careful when using it. Soak in relatively warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes to get the chili concoction. Because this herb is strong, you only need to use a little. A little eyewash from this herb works like magic when it comes to removing allergies that affect the eyes.

In addition to relieving irritation caused by allergies, chili increases blood circulation in the eye which basically increases the amount of oxygen in the eye. Blood circulation that is good in the eye also helps the eye get rid of harmful toxins so that it allows the eyes to cleanse themselves.

Eyebright ... 

Yes, you guessed it correctly. This herb gets its name from its ability to not only improve vision but to offer help for allergic eyes. This effectively shrinks irritated tissue and soothes the swelling of the mucous membranes due to its antiseptic properties. Eyebright is even more effective when combined with cayenne pepper.

Red Raspberry leaves ... 

Just like eyebright, red raspberries work by reducing the size of inflamed tissue and calming inflamed eyelids and eyeballs. This leaf is a great allergic reliever and revives the pain as well. To prepare eyewash from these leaves, gently pound to get a green extract before continuing to mix with warm water. Wash your eyes with this mixture at least twice a day. Regular use will ensure your eyes avoid pain or irritation.

Honey ... 

You may have used honey in the past to deal with other infections. Did you know that you can use honey to give your eyes a delay due to allergic infections too? To achieve maximum effectiveness, start by soaking your eyes with cold water repeatedly and then cleaning a little honey in the eyes using soft ingredients.

Eye exercises ... 

Doing exercises for the eyes not only strengthens the eye muscles, but also improves vision, but is also good at providing allergic relief. There are some exercises that you can use and the most common and easiest to do is compress your eyes with your cold palms one eye at a time. 

This will increase the amount of moisture in the eye and can also trigger tears. Foreign materials such as dust particles that can cause irritation and redness out of the eyes when the tears flow.

Conclusions and recommendations

Just like other forms of allergies, eye allergies are caused by abnormal activity in the immune system. This usually starts when the mucous membranes found in the line are located under the eyelids in contact with foreign material. Even though the object does not pose a threat to the eye, the body sees it as a threat.

In an effort to get rid of the threat, the body produces antibodies that produce histamine release among other substances. The effect is that your eyes turn red, runny and itchy. Eye allergies such as thyroid eye disease are autoimmune. You may have eye allergies or they may be combined with symptoms of nasal allergies too.
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