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Honey Benefits - The Miracle of Natural Foods

Honey Benefits - The Miracle of Natural FoodsI was introduced to beekeeping a few years ago by a good friend, (in part I thought to protect the stock of honey produced in his own nest that I regularly raided), and had come to really enjoy my new hobby. 

Being able to produce jars from honey jars that taste amazing with the knowledge that my bees too, almost as a by-product, help pollinate plants in the surrounding area which I can then buy from local farm shops, has really led me to feel a part of the nature of the design is great.

Honey Benefits - The Miracle of Natural Foods

Obviously, I like honey and will use it as a distribution, in cuisine and generally as an alternative to commercially produced sugar whether it is good for me or not, but I wonder how many people really appreciate the health benefits of honey? We all know that honey is 'good for you', but what are these health benefits?

Because honey is basically a bee form from the baby 'formula', honey is packed with minerals and sugars that give energy, all in an easily digestible form. 

Honey is mainly composed of fructose sugar, which is absorbed slowly by the body and hence provides a slow release of energy, and glucose which is quickly absorbed and used by the body for energy immediately, in fact, it is the basis of many sports drinks' today scientifically developed '

Honey content

Add minerals magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron and phosphate, vitamins B1, B2, C, B5, B6 and B3 plus traces of copper, iodine and zinc and you can see that honey has a legitimate claim to the title. the nature of food is astonished.

Health Benefits of Honey

Perhaps the health application that most people know is the use of honey to treat sore throats and infections. Honey, which has been digested by bees, is easily absorbed by the skin and has natural antibiotic properties that make it the ideal treatment for sore throats.

Add the appeal of natural water and the barrier properties of this honey and you have a very calming balm. In fact, this property makes honey an ideal treatment for many digestive disorders, from infections and pain to long-term and specific disorders such as in helping to reduce stomach discomfort.

Honey is the ideal treatment for combating dehydration and drying out the effects of diarrhea, gently rehydrating the body and replacing lost minerals and vitamins without using powder commonly used by doctors today that many children especially feel bad.

Honey is also used historically to treat skin wounds and burns, its antibacterial and moisturizing properties make it an ideal balm for diseased and damaged skin and its properties that contain minerals and vitamins that promote healing of damaged tissue.

In addition to the traditionally recognized health benefits of honey, recent research in combating the effects of biological fever has suggested that consumption of locally produced honey can be of great benefit.

Benefits of Honey Are Real

It is believed that with regular consumption of locally produced honey, the body becomes accustomed to pollen that is digested from the air, which basically becomes part of the local ecosystem rather than against it, and hence there are no adverse effects in the form of allergies. reaction.

The health benefits of honey really make it an amazing food, with the added benefit of natural sweetness and versatility in the kitchen. Add to this the fact that you will help your local environment and there seems to be no negative side to this extraordinary food!
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