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Find Out the Cause You Cannot Get Pregnant

Find Out the Cause You Cannot Get Pregnant - This is a question that has been asked a million times ... "why can't I get pregnant?" After spending our youth avoiding this situation, it is remarkable to see the number of women who struggle with this problem.

Find Out the Cause You Cannot Get Pregnant

Why I Can't Get Pregnant

Never in our wildest dreams do we stop to consider that one day we will wonder why we cannot get pregnant.

Believing that you can't get pregnant is extraordinary. That is something that might be real or maybe you haven't given him enough time.

Wanting a family is a strong desire so it is easy to panic and thinks that you cannot get pregnant based on very little evidence.

There are a number of reasons that might play a role if you believe you can't get pregnant and find out beforehand that you can consider it.

Due To Delaying Pregnancy For Work

In the past, the concern that you would hear you could not get pregnant was a concern that happened far later. Women often wait until the late thirties to start their families. This gives them plenty of time to develop a successful career.

Or if they have a burning desire in their lives, they have years to come out and make it happen. The clue that you cannot get pregnant before the late thirties is not considered very serious.

But at that age, after finishing with early career and all, the idea of ​​having a family can receive all their attention. It seems that this is the right time and no one can imagine that they will be faced with the news that they cannot get pregnant.

The trend no longer waits until the late thirties. What used to be 35 years old is now close to 25! Women no longer delay their family's plans when they conquer the world.

In fact 44% of women who switch to fertility services and seek help for pregnant people under the age of 35 years. These women cannot get pregnant and this is a big change in time.

And even younger women still struggle with the fact that they can't get pregnant. The number of 24-year-olds who have difficulty conceiving has almost doubled in recent years.

Obviously what is a problem for women over 35 is also a problem for those who are much younger. It still seems strange that someone as young as this will find out why they can't get pregnant.

Fertility Factors as a Cause Can Not Be Pregnant

One of the main factors for getting pregnant is age. Isn't age just everything lately? Unfortunately, our ovaries have their own age. For eggs, eggs are needed, and they must be young and healthy eggs.

As we age, we don't produce many eggs. And what we produce is not always quality which results in a successful pregnancy and may be the reason you cannot get pregnant.

Fertility also changes drastically as you get older. The ability to get pregnant is very personal and women who cannot get pregnant often find that their bodies are to blame.

Average peak fertility at a certain point in your twenties. When most women are 31, their chances of getting pregnant decline by at least 3% a year. And if you can't get pregnant when you reach 35, that number is almost double! Time is certainly not on your side. If you can't get pregnant, unfortunately, that is none other than your age.

The average woman can get pregnant until she is 41 years old. If he can't get pregnant, everything depends on his body and everyone is a little different. Sometimes women have children late in the 40s and 50s.

And then there are sad cases where the ability to get pregnant seems to end in your 30s and you are faced with the news that you cannot get pregnant. This is something that there is no way to find out until it might be too late.

However, family history plays a role in fertility. It has been proven that if your mother has children in old age, chances are you will also be able to do it.

If you're wondering why you can't get pregnant, genetics can make a difference so glancing around your family tree can give you insight. for what you should expect.
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