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Facts About Hair Loss and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Facts About Hair Loss and How to Prevent Hair LossWhen people experience excessive hair fall, it mostly has to do with their diet and most experts agree with this assessment. One of the most common forms of hair loss is called Alopecia; this is hair loss on any part of the body including the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. 

Facts About Hair Loss and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Growth Cycle

Usually people will lose a certain amount of their locks every day or month, this is normal; in fact, most people will shed 50 to 100 hairs every day. This is not necessarily permanent as most hair we shed we will grow back; interestingly, your tresses have a life span of about 3 to 6 years. If the hair fall is not permanent there are some hair fall remedies that you can try.

Your locks have different stages of growth; first, there is the growth stage, then the resting stage and finally the shedding stage. 

Most people shed hair at the same rate but there are some people perhaps due to genetics who may have less of their locks grow back to replace those that they have shed. What we know as pattern baldness or even permanent hair fall is basically genetic programming.

The trigger of Hair Loss

Increased shedding of your tresses can be caused by many different reasons including poor nutrition, diet, genes, and hormones, age, medications, chemotherapy and radiation treatments; infections, stress, chemicals and hair products as well as weight loss. 

There are some illnesses that also cause baldness or thinning such as anemia, low thyroid hormone levels, lupus, and even cancer. In most cases however losing your tresses is not permanent and there are some remedies you can try as I will explain below.

Prevent Hair Loss with Hair Oil

Use the good hair oil to help grow longer tresses. Using some oils is great for preventing hair thinning; try using olive, almond or coconut oil which are all great for your mane. 

Although you can use oil as an alternative for leave in conditioner, it will leave your hair sticky and will make it harder to style; in fact, your only option might be to tie your hair up. 

For better results with oil, simply use a few drops after washing your hair while it's still wet. Remember oil does not penetrate the strands like conditioner does but it can leave it silky. 

The best remedy is using a hot oil treatment, followed by steam treatment and massage as the steam will help the oil penetrate the strands - helping to keep them strong and healthy. 

The best one I can recommend is Mira hair oil. It easily seeps into the scalp where it does its work. The oil also has herbs that activate the follicles for faster growth.

Use eggs to stop your mane from falling. Eggs are great for your hair, the results are instant and you will enjoy the results. 

It's true they leave an odor and can be messy to work with, but they are worth it. Eggs strengthen your hair almost right away and the yolk will leave your tresses shiny; it is perfect as a hair thinning remedy. 

Eggs Can Also Prevent Hair Loss

Simply mix an egg and two tablespoons of olive oil and apply it to your locks. Leave it on for half an hour and then simply wash it off. Always wash it off with cold water though as warm or hot water can make the egg cook which makes it harder to take off. 

In order to counteract the smell of the egg, use a scented shampoo and then use a leave-in conditioner. If you do this process for a month, you will notice a change in your tresses for the better including the reduction of hair thinning and loss.

Scalp Massage Routinely

Get a scalp massage at least twice a week with the Mira oil I recommended above, this will help to stop excess loss of your tresses and encourage growth. It has a great combination of herbs and oils that are natural for your hair. 

Apply it before going to bed and wash it off in the morning for the best results. Coconut oil usually works the best, but choose the oil that is right for you.

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