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7 Types Face Treatment Oil Are Easily Available And Inexpensive

7 Types of Face Care Oils are readily available and inexpensive - His name is also a woman, always wanting to be beautiful and attractive all the time. There are times when women are willing to spend as much time and money as possible to be beautiful with sophisticated treatments. Some like to do simple treatments at home with natural ingredients.

The importance of caring for the skin is undoubtedly increasingly realized by women. Skincare is now not only using moisturizing creams or lotions.

Various products originating from natural minerals are increasingly widespread and have become an alternative for women to care for and maintain healthy skin.

Even many Hollywood celebrities also use certain types of oil as the secret of their beautiful skin.

Now many cosmetics and skincare products have made unique products from natural oils. We can get it quickly on the market, but of course, we have to check and check it before it is suitable for our skin type and what benefits we want to get.

7 Types Face Treatment Oil Are Easily Available And Inexpensive

Good luck trying to treat skin with natural oils!

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil prevents dry skin due to solar heat or radiation from UV light. That said, there is a calming effect that this oil has. Not only that, for chapped lips and dry skin, coconut oil can also be the medicine and even make it shine again.

Some types of coconut oil (of course, food-grade) can even be consumed directly to maintain healthy skin from the inside.

2. Argan Oil (Argan Oil)

Derived from Argan seeds widely grown in the Moroccan region, argan oil has beauty benefits for head and toe tips.

Containing antioxidant effects, argan oil is also believed to soften and moisturize the skin, prevent premature aging, and make hair shiny.

3. Rosehip Oil (Rose Seed Oil)

Rosehip is a kind of rose plant that grows in China and South America. Rosehip oil is taken from seeds from rosehip, which is processed cold.

The benefits of rosehip oil include fading black spots on the skin that come from scars or acne scars. Rosehip is also helpful for moisturizing and preventing premature aging of the skin.

4. Marula Oil (Marula Oil)

Marula oil is produced from Marula nuts from Africa. Marula oil has long been used as natural skincare. With high antioxidants, marula oil helps protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight and pollution.

Marula oil is suitable for all skin types, even able to reduce excess oil production for oily skin, clog pores, and reduce the appearance of zits.

High vitamin C content makes marula oil also brighten the skin and reduce signs of aging on the skin.

5. Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranates have been known to have extraordinary properties for the body and are rich in antioxidants.

Sweet taste, clear pomegranates are good to eat. Its properties can also be enjoyed through processed oils that still have the properties as an antioxidant skin, maintain moisture and elasticity of the skin, reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, and keep out the dangers of the sun.

6. Jojoba Oil (Jojoba Oil)

Jojoba is a herbal perennial Buxaceae plant that grows in desert areas such as Mexico and California. This extract from plant seeds produces oil, otherwise known as jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is commonly used for burns, zits, or hair care. Jojoba oil also has the lowest allergy level, so it is safe for the skin and is often used for baby oil.

7. Olive Oil

The oil obtained from olives has many known benefits for skin health. Olive oil has properties to moisturize and moisturize the skin.

Various ways to utilize the properties of olive oil can be done starting with making a makeup remover, face mask, and hair, mixing in a bathtub, or rubbing like a body lotion, even making it a salad topping. Olive oil also makes hair and nails stronger and shiny.

Facial Treatment Oil

The trend of using facial oil is on the rise. Not only moisturize and soothe, but facial oil is also effective for beautifying the skin.

"Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal plus, oil provides an antioxidant dose, eliminates irritation, moisturizes with omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, and balances the pH of the skin,"

With all these benefits, facial oil can increase the growth and elasticity of skin cells. But, many are still confused about using what type of skin is following the time of use. Citing New Beauty, here are some tips on using facial oil.

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