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7 Causes of Dull Skin and 6 Ways to Make Smoother and Healthier Skin

7 Causes of Dull Skin and 6 Ways to Make Smoother and Healthier Skin - Making the skin of the face and body smooth, smooth, soft, without black spots or dull impressions and other nasty things is indeed a dream, especially for women. 

Because skin that looks smooth and smooth is perfection and its own beauty that can be an advantage for them. Especially the most visible is in the face.

However, an irregular lifestyle might make our skin less beautiful than imagined. Exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep, and unhealthy eating patterns make flawless skin more difficult to achieve. 

Actually, dull skin can be removed using either skin care products or other natural methods. The first thing you should know is the cause behind this dull skin.

7 Causes of Dull Skin and 6 Ways to Make Smoother and Healthier Skin

7 Triggers / Causes of Dull Skin

1. Many skin cells that have died
2. Affected by Environmental Pollution
3. Often experience stress
4. Dehydrated skin
5. Less Nutritious Skin
6. Direct sun exposure
7. Effects of Hormone Factors

Most people don't have the skin they want. Don't we all want to have smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin? So, if you're wondering how to make your skin smoother and healthier, just look at these tips, and there will definitely be some that suit you.

6 Ways / Tips to make skin healthy, smooth, and soft

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water

Proper hydration is essential to get smoother and healthier skin, so follow the recommendations for drinking 8 glasses of water or more every day.

2. Eat More Water Rich Foods

Foods like fruits and vegetables are very healthy for the skin, both for hydration and forgetting essential nutrients. Delicious berries contain high antioxidants, which are suitable for youthful skin.

3. Dry Skin Brush

This has become a popular treatment lately, and it is a natural way to remove the outermost layer of skin cells. If the surface of your skin looks dry and dull, you will brush it with a smoother, healthier layer of skin.

4. Increase your Omega-3 Level

Most people have more or less omega-3 fat. This essential fatty acid is effective for general anti-aging and for the health of your skin. It has been proven that taking omega-3 supplements increases the firmness of your skin by 10% over three months.

5. Always Moisturize After Bathing

When you take a shower, especially if it's in hot water, some oil on your skin can be washed and can make your skin drier afterward. So moisturize as often as possible, and use natural moisturizers. 

Chemicals in ordinary moisturizers can cause premature skin aging and unhealthy skin.

6. Drink honey or as a mask

As is well known, honey has many benefits not only for health but also for beauty. One thing honey can do is make the skin softer and radiant. You can drink it every day. Or you can also use it as a mask for your body.

It's easy not to look beautiful and charming using natural ingredients around you? To look more beautiful and well-maintained, you don't have to use expensive treatments, of course. Hopefully, this article can help women and men make it easier to get white, clean, smooth, and smooth skin.

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