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This question is specifically for a mother: Are You A Good Mother To Yourself?

Thisquestion is specifically for a mother: Are You A Good Mother To Yourself? - Another Mother's Day has come and gone. Did you allow yourself to relax and enjoy having other people take care of you for a change? Or did you feel uncomfortable by all the attention and assume the role as head caregiver?

a good mother

Many moms dream about having more "me" time but don't really know what to do with it when they have it. Guilt, fear and feeling like they don't quite deserve it all play key parts in mom's self-neglect. You give 110% when it comes to your family's well-being. But how do you measure up at being a good mother to yourself? Take this short quiz to find out.

When was the last time you spent some quiet time on your own?
1. Yesterday.
2. Before I had kids.
3. When I sleep. If I sleep.

Help is... 
1. something I ask for whenever I feel I need it.
2. not in my vocabulary. I do everything myself.
3. the name of a Beatles song.

I'm a good mom because... 
1. I enjoy a healthy balance of work, time for my family and time for me.
2. I put everyone's needs before my own.
3. I haven't ruined my kids yet.

I feel guilty for... 
1. not feeling guilty. I'm happy about my choices and decisions.
2. almost everything.
3. existing.

I think I am... 
1. highly capable, successful and deserving of good things.
2. doing okay but sometimes get in my own way because of fear.
3. a total failure who can't do anything right.

If I talked to my child the way I talked to myself I would... 
1. get an award for mother of the year.
2. spend a lot of time apologizing.
3. make Mommy Dearest look like Mother Teresa.

I take care of myself physically by... 
1. exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy food.
2. exercising and eating well on occasion.
3. exercising my right not to exercise.

When I feel angry or upset... 
1. I allow myself to feel what I'm feeling and take the time I need to calm down.
2. I occasionally take it out on the people around me but apologize after.
3. gawd help you!

So how did you do?
If you answered mostly 1′s, congratulations! You're being a wonderful and caring mother to yourself and successfully balancing your mother load.

If you answered mostly 2′s, there's room for improvement. While you're managing, you could put yourself higher up on your priority list.

If you answered mostly 3, we seriously need to talk!

When you give yourself permission to be a good mother to yourself, your life becomes so much more enjoyable. This week, be mindful of the different ways you can take better care of yourself. Rest when you feel sluggish, leave the dishes and get out and enjoy the sunshine, and talk to yourself in a supportive and loving way.

Let's not wait an entire year for another day of pampering. Celebrate Mother's Day everyday! You deserve it.
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