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The Multitude of Benefits of Water in Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness

The Multitude of Benefits of Water in Health,Weight Loss, and Fitness - In my last articles about the benefits of water, I wrote about the many ways to utilize water for health in our everyday life outside of just for drinking.

Water Excercise

I covered various water exercises and water workouts you could do in the pool to improve cardio-vascular conditioning.But, I didn't cover any strength work exercises you should add to your workout routine in the pool.

One of the simplest is the old stand by push-up
The difference is instead of pushing up off the floor, you push off the wall. You stand in waist height water and lean into the wall at a 45 degree angle, arms bent. Then you push away from the wall till your arms are fully extended, and then do as many pushups till you're tired.As your strength increases, you'll be able to set the number of how many pushups you can do as you get stronger.

You'll feel how the buoyancy of the water allows and helps you to do the pushup.

The buoyancy helps you through the full range of motion which gives your arms the benefit of the complete movement of the exercise.

The pull-up or the chin-up is another old stand by.This exercise will be a bit more challenging.But, if you've never been able to do a pull-up this exercise will surprise you, and put a smile on your face.

If there is a diving board or fixed pool ladder located at the deeper end of the pool you can do this exercise.The most effective way to do this exercise is to be submerged up to your neck in the water.

Reaching up to the highest rung on the ladder or the diving board, hands in a pull up position.You pull your body out of the water and up, the buoyancy of the water will help you do a pull-up.Start with one or two to acclimate to the movement then add as you get stronger.

Again the buoyancy will allow to complete the movement that you couldn't achieve on a chinning bar at the gym.

One more routine for the legs
Simply stand in waist height of water, and do 10 jumps high as you can out of the water.This will add strength to your legs, fast twitch muscles, and power to your legs.

The benefit of the pool workout is the No-Impact and Anti-gravity factor
You spare your joints and because there will be no joint pain (provided there is no previous injury), it will encourage you to keep at it.At the end of the day, you will be pleasantly tired and not in pain.
*If you have had any major surgery or injury you must use your judgment or doctors advice as to the intensity of your workout.

These three simple strength exercises will make you stronger and fitter.You're not going to get "ripped" or become a beach "hottie" from these exercises.But, if you stick with the hydro-therapy cardio and strength exercises you will see your body make significant changes.

The commitment to the water workout routine will help you lose weight, improve your fitness, make you feel physically and mentally good about yourself.

Let's be honest one of the motivating reasons for fitness aside from the health factor, is VANITY! Everybody wants to look good!

Remember we humans are 70% water, so it's easy to understand why most of us instinctively gravitate to the beach, ocean, and lakes.

It will also be fun, VERY IMPORTANT to have fun!Because if it's fun you'll enjoy it and keep doing it. Get The Benefits Of Water Than you drink it.