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Taking Care of Eyes for Students During Exams

The most important reason why most students come to us is headaches and eye strain. This may be due to the possibility of the amount of spectacle. But most of these symptoms are exacerbated during school or college examinations.

student eye care


If your eyes are runny, your eyelids are twitching, and some of the forehead around your eyebrows hurts, you may suffer eye fatigue. This is a general misery that can occur after the eye has been taxed for a long time - for example, after close working hours. But you can reduce eye fatigue by taking simple precautions.

Good lighting

Hold the reading material about 30 to 40 centimeters from your eyes. Make sure you have adequate soft light coming from the source behind or beside your left shoulder [to avoid shadows] - use a lamp with a 60 watt bulb. Reading is certainly easier if under better lighting and this can also prevent eye fatigue. Use tubular lights if it is for general room lighting and table lamps.

Rest period

Rest every half hour or more by looking at distant objects for three or four minutes. Rest usually relieves eye fatigue. Especially for those of you who always work at the computer will need a faster rest time. for activities / activities that are outside the room may also need protection from exposure to sunlight.

Appropriate posture

Do not read while lying down, because it will stretch the muscles of your eyes, neck and back. While sitting and reading, do not bend and make sure you sit in a comfortable chair with a good back support. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, and muscle spasms occur due to holding the body in an awkward position in trying to maintain the desired angle between the eyes and the book.

Good nutrition and hydration

Eat healthy foods with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and nuts. The nutrients they provide are important for overall eye and eye health. For non-vegetarians, add eggs and fish. Avoid addictive candy, soda, cakes, and junk food, which is a recipe for disaster not only for vision but also overall health. Staying with most of the unprocessed vegetarian diet, natural foods will help maintain circulation to the retina, trunks and cones, and lenses.

Wear the correct watch number and don't read for long with contact lenses.

If you have a bias error or need glasses, then using the correct recipe reduces eye fatigue, which if not will hinder your work. Contact lenses are intended to float on the layer of your eye's tears. When we do close focus work like on a computer, we tend to blink less than usual and this dries our tear film. Contact lenses then stick to the eyes and also cause allergies caused by contact lenses. If we wear contact lenses and read for a long time, then we will only worsen the situation. Try and avoid contact lenses while studying, glasses are a better choice.
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