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Hi Parents, This is Benefits Of Probiotics And Prebiotics For Children

Hi Parents, This is Benefits Of Probiotics And Prebiotics For Children - There are as many benefits of prebiotics and probiotics for children as there are for adults. In fact, children need these in some cases more readily than does the adult. It is hard enough to get children to eat their vegetables and it is even harder to get young palettes to accept anything that is the least bit distasteful. 
Sure they will eat yogurt if it's fruity, but how many kids really enjoy eating cultured foods or drinking buttermilk.

Hi Parents, This is Benefits Of Probiotics And Prebiotics For Children

Probiotic Benefits for Digestion

The benefits of probiotics and prebiotics to a young digestive system are truly immeasurable. Kids are prone to things like gastroenteritis, which causes severe diarrhea. Prolonged bouts can seriously dehydrate a child in no time at all. A study of the effects of probiotics on children with this malady has proven that foods like yogurt can cut the duration of these symptoms in half.

Probiotic Benefits for Preventing Allergies

Children get lots of infections, one of the most common is an ear infection. These infections are often treated with amoxicillin or another variation. These antibiotics are a godsend when your child is cranky and miserable but they also kill off the good bacteria in the intestinal tract along with the infection. 

Studies have proven that the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics for children who are taking antibiotics are invaluable. The probiotics replenish the bacteria that were destroyed while the prebiotics provides the nourishment needed for the bacteria to grow.

Probiotic Benefits for Enhancing the Immune System

Another benefit of probiotics and prebiotics for children is its effectiveness in boosting the immune system. It also helps children with lactose intolerance handle eating foods like yogurt and even drinking milk. The use of these microorganisms has shown some promise in treating children who have allergies to glutens as well.

Where You Can Get Its

Today you can buy infant formula that is enhanced with Probiotics. And although the benefits aren't well documented it seems that these are safe enough for the infants. One case study that is very promising is the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics for children born weighing just over 1000grams. These infants sometimes suffer from the death of the intestinal tissue. It seems that these bacteria may just prevent necrotizing enterocolitis.

Research on Probiotic Benefits

A child or adult having a healthy intestinal tract and colon is important to overall digestive health. After careful review, it seems the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks this as well. 

They suggested that probiotics and prebiotics have appositive effect on all of the following conditions:

  • Acute infectious diarrhea

  • Viral gastroenteritis

  • Antibiotic-associated diarrhea

While these studies have shown conclusively that these bacteria help to prevent or lessen the severity of these maladies there will be further studies in the future. The big thing is not if it is beneficial but how to get them to eat enough of the foods to gain these benefits. 

That may not possible with a kid but it is easy to get them to swallow one or more capsules a day. By buying prebiotic and probiotic supplements you can do what you always do, that is making sure your child gets the very best for health and happiness.
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