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Here are the 5 Benefits of Sleeping with Babies You Might Not Have Heard

Here are the 5 Benefits of Sleeping with Babies You Might Not Have Heard - My article discusses the benefits of sleeping with your baby, also known as "co-sleeping". As a co-sleeping parent, I have found that co-sleeping with both of our children (occasionally at once!) has been a great benefit to us in financial, emotional and health-related ways.

Here are the 5 Benefits of Sleeping with Babies You Might Not Have Heard

Because of this wonderful experience, I want to share with you, so that others can know some of the benefits of sleeping with their babies that they may not have heard:

1) Attachment:

One important benefit of co-sleeping is how it brings the family together. Anyone who says that we need quality time over quantity time with our babies isn't a baby! By sleeping with our babies, our babies become more attached to us, becoming accustomed to our constant physical presence and smell. 

This attaches our babies to us and makes them more comfortable those times we are not around. It's great for fathers too, who often don't have the time to spend as much quantity time with their babies.

2) Saving on Space:

Not having a crib and a nursery can offset a serious expense. This may be especially important for families living in apartments (like us). 

If your child regularly co-sleeps, a crib and an entirely separate nursery are unnecessary, providing an additional room's worth of space and hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of savings.

3) Ease of Breastfeeding:

One of the reasons that parents are so desperate to have their babies sleep through the night is that, if their child does awake, they need to get up. This disrupts our circadian rhythms and can make it very difficult for us to easily get back to sleep. 

Having a child in the bed makes breastfeeding very easy, to the point where many co-sleeping mothers report not waking up enough to have remembered feeding their babies at times.

The results of the study have stated that mothers who breastfeed and take part in sleep with their babies report feeling better when resting. 

Because they don't have to leave the bed to breastfeed. Their sleep patterns are also not too disturbed and feel more alert and focused during the day.

4) Continuation of Breastfeeding:

This isn't the same point as the last one, but it is related. The more difficult breastfeeding is, the less likely mothers are to continue with it. We should not simply expect that women ought to go to "every length" to breastfeed their child. 

Mothers of small children are very busy, and losing sleep by getting up to feed a child every night can make breastfeeding so difficult, a move to bottles becomes more and more likely. Ease of breastfeeding leads to the continuation of breastfeeding.

5) Lactational Amenorrhea:

This is the medical term for lack of menstruation. Round-the-clock, on-demand breastfeeding can delay the return of a woman's menstrual cycle for over a year. This removes the hassles of menstruation. 

It also serves as a means of delaying pregnancy without resorting to hormones, devices or even charting. 

Amenorrhea is a natural way of spacing our children that is recognized by the World Health Organization. Lactational Amenorrhea is made much easier by the presence of the baby in the family bed.

Not a few parents have slept separately with children since the child is still a baby. Even though according to various studies, sleeping with your child in one bed, has many advantages as we mentioned above.
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