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Don't Go Bald - Stopping Hair Loss Before it Goes Too Far

Don't Go Bald- Stopping Hair Loss Before it Goes Too Far - For most men that notice thinning hair their first reaction is fear. They're scared of losing their hair, scared of going bald, scared of not appearing as desirable to their spouse, significant other or members of the opposite sex. Stopping hair loss as soon as you notice it is the key to not going bald and reversing the effects to regrow a fuller head of hair.

Hair Lose

Why does your hair start to fall out in the first place? How can you stop it quickly? And how do you regrow new hair in place of what you've lost? It's these three questions we're going to strive to answer in this article. After reading this article you'll understand why you've started to lose your hair, what type of product you need to stop hair loss and regrow new fuller hair.

The majority of cases of male pattern baldness start because of a natural occurring substance in the male body. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is derived from testosterone, a regular male hormone we all have. How ever it's not DHT on it's own that causes our hair to fall out, it's DHT's affects on hair follicles on the scalp.

DHT makes its way through the body to the scalp. There it binds with hair follicles and causes them to shrink. Over time as the hair follicle becomes smaller the thickness and number of hairs growing from the scalp is reduced to a point where eventually the follicle goes dormant and no hairs are growing from it at all.

At this point, when the follicle becomes dormant, it can be too late to revive it to grow new hair again. Stopping hair loss as soon as you notice it is the key to regrowing hair and not going bald.

Stopping DHT
If you can find a way to effectively stop DHT from binding with hair follicles on your scalp, or reduce the amount of DHT made in your body, then you can stop your hair loss.

Blocking or stopping DHT is done in one of two ways.

DHT blockers actually block DHT from binding with hair follicles there by reducing the amount of hair lost.

DHT inhibitors will actually reduce the amount of DHT that is made in your body.

Both methods can prove to be successful, how ever not every product is as good as the next.

Choosing a Hair Loss Product

There are numerous prescription based hair loss treatments. Some have serious side effects which can affect yours sexual drive and moods. Because of this many men are opting for natural and non-prescription treatments that achieve the same results without the side effects.

There are several hair loss shampoos that are effective at blocking DHT on the scalp and stopping hair loss in a matter of days. While these shampoos do not stimulate new hair growth most brands also offer an additional topical cream, serum or lotion that is applied daily to the scalp and stimulates new growth from the follicles that were harmed by DHT.

The other alternative, inhibiting DHT in the body, is usually achieved by supplementing with a oral product. Capsules are usually taken several times a day and show results in several weeks.

Products that inhibit DHT can have some side effects such as an upset stomach but these can normally be reversed by taking them with a full stomach.

You can effectively stop hair loss with either form of treatment. The key is that you take action as soon as you notice excessive hair loss. The sooner you recognize the problem the better chance you have of stopping it.

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