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Brown Bananas - Do You Toss Them In The Bin?

Brown Bananas - Do You Toss Them In The Bin? - Before you realize, those lovely yellow things in the basket turned into a not so inviting spotted brown color. I'm sure this is not only happening to me. Seeing those brown spots or the banana gone brown no longer gives you that feeling for a snack of one. What I'm about to tell you will most likely change your mind about brown bananas.

Benefits of Brown Banana

That's right, a recent study has found that overripe bananas will encourage the body to produce a protein that can help to ward off many health risks including the spread of cancer. As per findings, the overripe bananas most of us have thrown away are able to make an anti-cancer protein in your body.

 The Power of Overripe Bananas

According to reports from professor Senji - Japan: The more speckled bananas are, the more cancer-fighting chemicals they contain. Bananas that are too ripe cause the body to produce proteins called tumor necrosis.. This potent substance is targeting the sites of infection and inflammation and is destroying the cancer cells.

Researchers estimate, the proteins anti-cancer properties are as, if not more, effective as some pharmaceutical drugs. The antioxidants in brown bananas also fight malignancy and destroy free radicals. When this happens and free radicals being destroyed or minimized that reduces the risk of early stage cancer.

Other Benefits

The more ripe the banana gets, the more TNF it gets. TNF stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor, which is a cancer-fighting substance that helps to fight against abnormal cells in our bodies. The nutrient content of a banana changes when the banana becomes more ripe.

As a green banana has the highest resistant starch content. In contrast, an overripe banana has a high sugar content. Anyone suffering from type 2 diabetes will find a better option with less ripe or green bananas.

Other benefits:
Bananas contain several nutrients, which help digestion, weight loss, heart health, heaving a good amount of fiber and antioxidants, help a cough, strengthen bones, control blood sugar and block diarrhea. As mentioned before, ripe bananas contain a substance called tumor necrosis which destroys cancerous tumors.

How Many Bananas Per Day?

Bananas are one of nature's most under-rated fruits. Having more than one banana is a good thing. They are a super food, packed with nutrients, fiber, vitamins, natural sugar, potassium, magnesium and copper. The more mushy a banana becomes the higher the sugar content; that is something type 2 diabetics should avoid, as well as anyone who is trying to avoid excess sugar, although it is natural sugar.

Because of the many health benefits of bananas, it is a good idea to include ripe bananas in your diet, several times per week if possible. To correct any health-issue, it is advisable to increase this even more. Also consider other natural products to add to your diet.

For example, broccoli which as well has cancer-fighting properties. The same applies to apples. Polyphenols found in apples are powerful antioxidants to protect against many health issues including cancer. Although, make sure you eat the skin as well.

The conclusion about brown bananas is:
Eating those ripe bananas and not tossing them into the bin may just prevent many health problems. The value of unripe bananas is about 30, while spotted bananas rank as high as 60. Include ripe bananas in your diet, become creative.

Make smoothie's out of mushy bananas, add some natural ingredients, such as coconut milk, yogurt, honey, sprinkle with cinnamon, include other fruits as well etc. I hope you can use some of this information that already helped others, for the benefit of your health.