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Approaching Women - 6 Top Signs for Women Looking for Shows That You Will Become a Good Father and Husband

ApproachingWomen - 6 Top Signs for Women Looking for Shows That You Will Become a GoodFather and Husband - When you date, everything you do must be checked. Taking a date, paying for food and driving her home is not enough. Also think about what you have to talk about later, and what are the best clothes you can use, etc. This can be tiring. You are NOT just trying to show that you will be a great lover or a loyal boyfriend - in many cases, you are judged on whether you will be a good husband and father somewhere on the phone.

Good Father

The husband's part is not so strong - he wants you to be a person who is trustworthy, kind, strong, and a good provider. But how do you show someone that you will be a good father to his children? According to experts, there are a number of things you can do to show that you will be a great father:

1. Show that you give.
Being a parent is about meeting your child's needs without stopping, and if you look selfish then you will get out of nominating to be a father. If you train a children's sports team, let him know about it. Mention casually that you recently took care of your sister's children for the weekend. Bring the woman you love into your life and introduce it to your family and friends, so that she can see how much giving and receiving is among you - the more you do for others without complaining, the better your chances of being caring , give daddy.

2. Have a good relationship with the women in your family.
There are other reasons to bring the future of Ny. The right to see your family - women view your relationship with your mother and, to a lesser extent, your sister to measure how you will treat your wife and children. A man who really likes his mother, who listens to what he says and helps him occasionally is a man who has good care, and will bring those values ​​to his own care.

3. Have a strong stomach.
If you have thoughts of fear of diapers, then maybe you're not a good candidate for father. Having children means that you will be spilled, spit on and, yes, you have to touch those toxic disposable diapers now and then. If you can take care of your boyfriend when he is sick - including taking used tissue and holding his hair when he enters the toilet - you make a number of important points for future fathers.

4. Enjoy children.
This seems very stupid, but you might be surprised at how many men think they will someday become fathers but actually don't like spending time with children. If you can get pleasure from watching a boy eat enormous ice cream while in your local amusement park, or can play male soldiers with your nephew for hours, this will show him that you are ready to have children - your own child. But if you never even see other children when you both go out together, or you lift your nose to a child who is a little noisy when you take your afternoon coffee at Starbucks, he will pay attention - and you will get a black sign in the column "likely father".

5. Be flexible, and follow the directions well.
If you live and die on your schedule, if you think that marriage and family should not prevent you from skiing every winter, and if you can't stand if someone else tells you what to do, you might not be a father which is very good. As a husband and father, you must change your priorities and occasionally take direction from your wife - and children cannot be raised on a tight schedule. But if you can handle being told what to do occasionally, and learn to live with the fact that a child will get sick the day you are ready to go on a camping trip that you have planned for months, you have potential as a father.

6. Be excited.
Most of being great parents cheer for your child's success and maintain their enthusiasm when they fail. If you are the type of person who attacks every problem with "Well, this is what you did wrong ..." your girlfriend will start wondering how well you will guide the child's development. Start practicing your "kiss boo-boo" skills now, with them, and celebrate their achievements. Prove that you are a man whose children will come to him with both knees skinned and the ego injured.

Think about the qualities that make a good father - strength, reliability, a high sense of humor, and the willingness to put your own needs behind your family's needs. So be that man. If you can do that, he will see you as a perfect fatherly material - and he will be right.
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