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Anti-Fatigue Mat - How to Choose the Best Fatigue Mat for Your Application

Anti-Fatigue Mat - How to Choose the Best Fatigue Mat for Your Application - The best type of anti-fatigue mat for one user may not offer the best help from fatigue for the other. There are various fatigue webbing options available on the market today. 

Anti-Fatigue Mat - How to Choose the Best Fatigue Mat for Your Application

The reason why there are so many types of anti-fatigue webbing is because of the diversity of the environments in which they are used. A myriad of available anti-fatigue products can pose challenges for uninformed people.

Choose As Needed

All anti-fatigue mats are not the same. Every anti-fatigue mat manufacturer strives to complement its products with features and benefits that provide an edge over competing products.

The key to choosing the best anti-fatigue mat is to match the mat features with the desired benefits for the end user.

For example, choosing an anti-fatigue mat designed for dry areas and then using it in areas where there are oils, animal fats or liquids, in general, will produce chaos.

Anti-fatigue mats that are used incorrectly can cause safety hazards for end users, anti-fatigue mat degradation and/or maintenance nightmares. 

Choosing the right type of anti-fatigue mat will result in increased productivity, a safer work environment, floor mats will be much easier to keep clean and finally, fatigue mats will have a longer service life.

Don't choose wrong

If the anti-fatigue mat is wrongly chosen, the resulting situation almost always ends up costing more money. Charges may be in dollars for replacement or increased maintenance costs to keep the mat clean.

If the wrong mats cause safety problems, then there may be costs associated with slipping, tripping and falling (often medical/legal claims exceed $ 10,000).

Choosing the best anti-fatigue mat doesn't just happen. Most end users find products that can be considered as acceptable fatigue mats, but this situation usually occurs as a result of trial and error. Consider how expensive it is if you choose the wrong anti-fatigue mat.

If the right questions are asked, the answer can really help you in making decisions based on various anti-fatigue mats. 

The information collected will arm you with the specific attributes that a mat needs to have in order to pass properly. 

  • You can then quickly get rid of mats that don't meet your criteria.

  • Some questions that you might need to consider identifying the best anti-fatigue mat for you are:

  • Will anti-fatigue mat be subject to any oil, fat, chemicals or liquids?

  • Is there static or high voltage problems that need to be considered for this anti-fatigue webbing?

  • How do you clean and treat this anti-fatigue mat?

  • Will anti-fatigue matting be used in any food preparation area?

  • Will this anti-fatigue mat be worn by a wheel train?

  • Do workers make use of anti-fatigue "dollar" mats that are hard to find, attract and maintain?

  • What type of age are you looking for on an anti-fatigue mat?

  • What type of work will be carried out in areas where anti-fatigue webbing will be located?

  • Does the use of anti-fatigue mats hamper or increase the overall work area?

After you compile a list of anti-fatigue mats that initially meet your performance criteria, you will not hesitate to see that these mats also have a wide range of prices. This price variance is usually caused by an additional feature that belongs to one of several mats. 


A good anti-fatigue mat, having quality oil resistance and can be used in a kitchen environment may be more expensive than good anti-fatigue mats designed to be used only in dry work areas.

Generally more expensive features. Your mission must be to identify FEATURES MUST HAVE and not emphasize the features that a mat might have that do not offer benefits for your particular application.
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