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5 Ways to Take Care of Coloured Hair

5 Ways to Take Care of Coloured HairPink, purple, red, burgundy are all colours that can be used on the hair to make you stand out. But colour can wreak havoc if not used properly or your hair care products don't work their magic. 

Your colour can do a disappearing act on your or simply look dull and uninterested, things you want to avoid. 

5 Ways to Take Care of Coloured Hair

Here are 5 ways you can take care of your hair if you have already treated it to some great colour.

Go for a hair spa 

Most of us invest in a deluge of hair care products to take care of coloured hair. While that is a good start, a hair spa might work better. Indulge your hair with a pampering hair spa treatment where your hair is nourished with great conditioning. 

A hair spa can be tweaked to suit coloured hair which means it gives your mane much-needed moisture which can never be a bad thing. Coloured hair can go dry because of the chemicals and this is the best way to keep them from going frizzy and unmanageable.

Cut em up 

Coloured hair can cause split ends which don't look good on anybody. Of course, good hair care products do elevate the situation a bit but that would be a short term solution. To keep your hair in great shape, go for regular haircuts. 

If you want to keep your length, ask for a simple trim and it will do the trick. Well-timed trims also help in keeping the hair healthy. You are also going to want to be off styling tools for a while and a good trim will have to you looking spiffy without that damaging blow dry.

No fun in the sun 

The sun can be your enemy when your hair is coloured. Sun tends to fade the colour which will result in a less than perfect shade on your strands. Since your crown is most likely to face the brunt, that's where the discolouration is most likely to start. 

Your hair care product might be a saviour but only for a while so avoiding the rays is probably best. If you simply must sunbathe on that beach holiday, put on a hat and you are good to go.

Colour me right 

Pick shampoo, conditioners and all other hair care products carefully. Try and go for ones that are made especially for coloured hair as these can enhance the shine and body of your mane. 

While special products may seem a little unnecessary to you, consider that fact that colour-friendly products do not strip your hair of the essential moisture.


If you want to make any permanent changes to your hair- straighten them, perm them or rebound them, it is best to do it way before you decide to go in for a colouring session. 

Chemicals in these treatments can be harsh and when coupled with colouring they spell bad hair days in big, bold capital letters. 

Give your hair enough breathing time between any two treatments. Invest in genuinely herbal hair care products as these are less damaging.

Of course, there are the regular things you must take care of but these should help you along when you do up your fabulous mane with colour.

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