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5 Reasons For Beginning an Early Morning Walk

5 Reasons ForBeginning an Early Morning Walk - Are you a night person? I definitely am! My day is just beginning at 10:00. However, I have always envied those who get up early and get more done before 8 am then I do all day. So, at the beginning of this year I decided to form a new habit. I was going to wake up early for the purpose of getting my day started off right. Now, there are many things that I have added over time to my morning success ritual, but one of the best things I enjoy is the morning walk.

Morning Walking

There are many benefits to Morning Walking, but here are my favorite five things:

1. The Ability to Clear Your Mind at the Start of the Day

My morning walkabout was really a morning job in the beginning until I started to have chronic back pain. I then was forced to slow my pace down and it was the best thing that ever happened. I was able to breathe in the fresh morning air and think about what I wanted to accomplish for the day. I was able to start off with a laser focus and get a lot done early.

2. Opportunity to Engage Your Senses

For the most part, I am not a sentimental person, but there is just something revitalizing about experiencing the sunrise, the birds, and the sounds of the morning. It really awakens your spirit. I found that it gave me energy for the day and I felt more in control.

3. Start Your Day With Focused Intensity

This was a really exciting benefit for me. I used to pride myself at being a multi-tasker. I thought that if you could juggle several things at once you were talented. Until I realized that I was only pushing all of my projects one step forward and not really getting anything done of significance. So, I used my early morning walk as an opportunity to think about my 2 or 3 must tasks that I needed to accomplish for the day. These were the things that were going to catapult my projects further along the most. The result is that when I got back home I was ready to attack the day and get those 3 items done as soon as possible.

4. Dwell on Gratitude

You will naturally lift your inner spirit if you get in the habit of a morning walk. You cannot help but to begin thinking about all the good in your life and the things that are working.

5. Getting Good Rest at Night

This was the coolest benefit of all. I have never been someone who can just fall right to sleep. However, by waking up very early I found that I was genuinely very tired when I went to bed. There is nothing like crawling into the bed tired. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

There is so much more that I enjoy during my morning walk but I want to challenge you to start off easy and then as your habit forms begin adding more to your morning ritual. You will love it. Just try it for a week.
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