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5 Benefits of Tomatoes That Are Very Extraordinary

5 Benefits of Tomatoes That Are Very Extraordinary - Tomatoes are a very popular and versatile fruit that comes in a variety of varieties that vary in shape, size, and color. today there are still many who do not know that Tomato turns out to be very beneficial for health. Some types of tomatoes that we often encounter are; green tomatoes, small cherry tomatoes, bright yellow tomatoes, and Italian pear-shaped tomatoes.

5 Benefits of Tomatoes That Are Very Extraordinary

Tomatoes are prepared and served like other vegetables, which is why they are usually categorized as such even though in reality they are citrus fruits. Only the fruit of this plant can be eaten because the leaves may contain certain problematic alkaloid concentrations.

How to choose a good tomato

You have to choose the right tomato to be able to enjoy the various benefits of the tomato content. The best tomatoes must have smooth shape and skin without cracks, wrinkles, bruises or even a swollen appearance.

They must also be stored properly to avoid decay. Because of the acidity content, they are stored well in cans.

Tomatoes Products
There are various tomato products on the market for consumers such as tomato sauce, and ketchup

There are 5 main health benefits associated with tomatoes.

· Reducing heart disease

Tomatoes are known to have potassium as well as nutrients such as niacin and vitamin B6 which are associated with reducing cardiovascular events such as heart disease. Foods rich in lycopene such as tomato juice, tomato sauce, pizza, and even tomatoes also help reduce cardiovascular disease.

· Prevent DNA damage

Tomatoes contain antioxidants such as vitamin C which help prevent damage to a person's DNA and even counteract age-related diseases such as diabetes. They help cleanse damaging free radicals in the body that can harm your body.

· Prevent Cancer

Tomatoes are known to contain a substance called lycopene which produces a cancer protection effect. This is known to help in combating pancreatic, prostate, lung and even stomach cancer.

Because the Lycopene content is high, the color of the tomatoes becomes red.
Lycopene and carotenoid phytochemicals are better absorbed by the human body when cooked with olive oil. Organic tomatoes have a higher concentration of lycopene.

· Healthy Bones

Tomatoes contribute to healthy bone formation and even help keep your blood vessels flexible enough. This is because they are good sources of potassium citrate and vitamin K.

In addition, tomatoes help reduce high blood pressure because they contain potassium citrate. Tomato consumption is also known to reduce the risk of osteoporosis; The brittle bone disease that can cause fractures, disability, and disability.

· Better skin

Lycopene increases pro-collagen; a molecule in your body that makes your skin look firm and youthful.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that is effective in protecting the skin from UV rays. As you know, UV light is one of the causes of free radicals that can trigger various skin problems. Not only causes fine lines, but UV light can also cause skin cancer.


Try to add your menu with tomatoes, getting used to living healthy by eating natural foods from nature is very good to keep you healthy and live longer

How? Are you ready to get the benefits of Tomatoes?

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