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10 Great Locations Where You Can Go Hot Air Ballooning in Australia

10 Great Locations Where You Can Go Hot Air Ballooning in AustraliaWith all the available aircraft that come with technological advancement, one would think that hot air ballooning is an extinct activity. Overpowered by jets, gliders, helicopters and every imaginable aero extreme sport that man can think of. All for that rush, thrill, and excitement. With the fast-paced life that we all live, sometimes taking things slow and going back to basics is as refreshing as a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer's day. 

Hot air ballooning is still out there and all you need to do is look for them to discover that it is all you need for that refreshing escape. 

Here are some locations where you can find this one of a kind relaxation activity.


1. Cairns. 

Every sensation is unique as you get on board a hot air balloon and scale over the Atherton Tablelands. Dawn, the perfect time of the day to start off fresh and welcome as the sun shines over vast open landscapes. Nothing but the tranquillity of a new morning with a spectacular horizon where the sun starts to peek out from.


2. Tasmania

Catch the perfect horizon as the sun sheds light on the marvelous Meander Valley simultaneously. Amaze at the spectrum of light as the rays hit the waters of the Western Tiers. Drift along the magnificent Tasmanian landscape and see the world below from a whole new perspective.

3. Brisbane

Float in your hot air balloon along the Brisbane river and view the cityscape like you never have before. It's Brisbane from a whole new viewpoint. Have the amazing Glasshouse Mountains, Gold Coast, and Border Ranges as your backdrop over the horizon and refresh your optics with the cooling views of Moreton Bay and the islands.

4. Perth

Dawn's gentle wind signals the start of a new day as you have a spectacular vision of the world coming to life as the sun sheds light on the most spectacular views you will ever set your eyes on. Avon Valley is just more magnificent to view from a bird's perspective and more magical at dawns first light. Breakfast awaits to complete this morning adventure with sparkling champagne to toast your successful balloon flight.

5. Northern Territory

There is just no other way to explore the vast beauty of Alice Springs, Northern Territory than on a hot air balloon. A desert launch at dawn is the perfect time to start a new sightseeing adventure. Have an optical feat as the morning sheds light on the majestic MacDonnell Ranges. See the great Outback come to life as the new day signals another beginning on the land below. Kangaroos run with you as you glide gracefully in the atmosphere over mulga scrub and cattle stations. At the end of your flight, enjoy a delectable breakfast in the desert and top it off with the perfect chilled champagne.

6. Melbourne

Explore the city in the most relaxed way possible. Surf the air over the CBD, parks, and gardens as Port Philip Bay is just over the horizon. Head out to the spectacular Yarra Valley and glide over the wineries which will also provide the perfect landing spot as sparkling champagne awaits to put a toast to your trip.

7. The Hunter Valley

Beyond the Brokenback Ranges, and over the vast vineyards you will find the peace and tranquillity that only a relaxed balloon flight can give you. Bask in the sun's first light as a spectacular view is unveiled to you.


8. Canberra

One of Australia's most beautiful cities is presented to you as the day unfolds and a new image of an old location is discovered. 45 minutes is all you need to rediscover Canberra at its most spectacular angle ever.

9. Broome

Experience Broome and the vast Australian Outback in the best way possible. You will have more time to absorb the awe of the magnificent vista you are about to encounter. Slow, easy going gliding over the area will recharge your senses and captivate you.


10. Sydney

Soar over Sydney's best-kept secret. Hawkesbury Valley nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains has the most stunning and picturesque scenery that will captivate your heart and send your senses soaring. Captivating farmlands, valleys and a landscape so breathtaking and perfect for hot air ballooning.

Flying at its simplest form has much more than ordinary rewards. Find yourself; find that peace in one of aviation's most historic way of taking flight.
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