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10 Benefits of the Best Sleep for Your Body and Mind

10 Benefitsof the Best Sleep for Your Body and Mind - Humans will use one third of their lives to sleep. Sleep is not only due to fatigue but also because of habits and lifestyle. Safety factors must be built to overcome the possibility of crime when we are sleeping. So Here we Share for You, what is the Benefits of Sleep for Humans health:

10 Benefits of the Best Sleep for Your Body and Mind

Like to sleep? You are not alone!

Sleep has many great benefits that you should know. Therefore, I want to list some of my favorite findings about how sleep improves your life :

1. Increase your memory
Research has found that you perform better and / or increase your retention rate after sleeping for one night. Even better: Learn before bed. Whether it's physical skills or mental skills, you will find improvement the next day.

2. Improve your performance
If you participate in competitive sports, sleep will improve your performance. Research at Stanford University shows that soccer players increase sprint time and reduce physical fatigue in general after 10 hours of sleep for 7 consecutive weeks. This has confirmed previous findings seen in tennis players and swimmers.

3. Lose weight
If you intend to go on a diet, sleeping more will help you lose weight. Researchers at the University of Chicago saw a 56% increase in fat reduction in participants who slept more than 9 hours each night. Men who sleep less than 7 hours each night also experience faster muscle mass loss.

So sleep and metabolism seem to be linked together through bodily hormones.

4. Improve your back pain
Especially if you have an inactive lifestyle, you might benefit from lying down if your back starts to hurt. At least if it doesn't feel awkward in the office.

5. Get HGH
Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) contains 191 different amino acids, protein building materials. Research has found an increase in HGH production during our nocturnal period. What HGH does is ...
- Network Repair
- Muscle growth
- Improve / Regulate Brain Function
- Improve Health (both physical and mental)
- Bone density is better (bones are stronger)
- More energy
- Balanced Metabolism

So the right amount of HGH in your system is very important for your overall health.

6. Reducing Stress / Inflammation of the Heart
Inflammation and "Inflammatory Markers" are directly related to Heart Disease and Stroke. Sleep makes blood pressure and cholesterol decrease, thereby reducing overall heart stress.

7. Live longer!
Increased blood pressure due to lack of sleep will encourage your aging process. If you don't want to look and feel older than you, sleep longer.

8. Prevent Diabetes
In a study, in which male participants reduced their sleep time from 8 hours to 4 hours a night, many of them processed glucose more slowly than before. Slowly processing glucose is a sign of developing diabetes. If you don't want to suffer from diabetes, sleep longer.

9. Drunk or sleepy? Don't drive!
Research shows that sleepy driving is as bad as your driving skills such as drinking before driving.

10. Increase your immune system
Sleeping less hours will weaken your immune system, so getting the flu or flu will seem like a new hobby for you. If you want to be free of the terrible flu, sleep longer.

So if you like sleeping like me, get more!
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