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Utilizing Sauna and Steam Therapy to Reduce Stress

UtilizingSauna and Steam Therapy to Reduce Stress - If you are a health enthusiast like I am, you get joy and high after a workout that is hard to duplicate in any other way. 

Sauna reduce Stress

I have found, however, that I get an intense glow and further stress reduction benefit to my workouts if I jump in the steam sauna after I work out. It relaxes my mind, soul, and body and gives me a much-needed break as a busy Mom working full-time in a high-stress occupation.

These are some tips to getting the maximum stress reduction benefit to your after work out sauna therapy. I often go into the steam sauna first, and then after I take a shower, I sit with some lotion in the dry sauna.
However, great benefit can be found from using either steam or dry heat if you are pressed for time:

1. Before getting in the sauna, add some deep conditioner to your hair. This will save time and give you a deep conditioning treatment while lying down and relaxing in the sauna.

2. You should also add either face cream or a mask to your face so that you can get a deep steaming treatment for your face while you are in the sauna.

3. Purchase some relaxation music CDs, and if you do not have a sauna that plays CDs, you can take a player in the sauna with you. Some great selections can be found on Amazon under the keyword "relaxation" in the music and CD section.

4. While you are lying in the sauna is a great time to practice relaxation techniques. Clear your mind of all thought and do not allow it to race in any direction. Completely clear your mind of thought. Attempt to hold it for 5 minutes.
Release and allow thoughts to enter and then hold again, this time for 10 minutes. Slowly you will build up your ability to clear your mind at a snap of your finger whenever you need a mental break.

These are some methods I have found most effective for prolonging the high and relaxation I feel after a workout. You can experiment with some of my suggestions and create your own best practices for after work out treats.