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Tumerics - Overview and Benefits

Tumerics - Overview and Benefits - Turmeric is a spice used by almost everyone in India. If someone does not have it in their home, it is very rare. This is a very cheap and very popular herb to be cooked with.

Tumerics - Overview and Benefits

Turmeric is a powdered powder from the roots of large leafy Asian plants (Curcuma longa L). It tastes spicy, bitter, not sweet like the ginger seasoning in the same "family".

Tumerics grow wild in the Himalayas and grow throughout South Asia.

Many people don't think they know anything about this spice, but curcumin, which is found in numbers, is found in mustard. The mustard yellow comes from curcumin.

Curcumin has been proven in studies to have health benefits and therefore, curcumin has also been used medically to cleanse the body, heal wounds and to suppress inflammation.

Researchers believe that curcumin can fight some diseases by killing powerful proteins that trigger unusual inflammatory reactions in the body.

These herbs also have strong antioxidant properties and can even reduce cholesterol.

You might also hear rumors that tumerics help prevent Alzheimer's. So, is this true?

First of all, India has a low Alzheimer's rate, so I think we all agree that they must be doing something right.

Also, there are studies conducted in mice that show Alzheimer's curcumin repair.

One study says that curcumin is only beneficial for Alzheimer's patients when cooked in fat.

Curcumin is also used in India as a food preservative and for coloring agents for food and textiles.