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The Truth About Health Benefits of Tea - Healthy Drinks

The TruthAbout Health Benefits of Tea - Healthy Drinks - You may have noticed a variety of health tea products on the internet lately, and wondered what exactly they are; can a tea do it for you? You might even wonder if the term benefit of tea for health is totally meaningless, or is it just another way to separate you and your money.

Benefits of Tea - Healthy Drinks

Of course, the answer depends on the exact preparation you are talking about, but even conventional tea offers significant health benefits. Look at these surprising facts:

Green tea, also known as Chinese tea, and of course healthy drinks, has been shown to help prevent, and slow down, certain types of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer, thanks to its unique anti-oxidants.

White tea, another highly praised tea, from the same plants as green, and ordinary black tea, has been shown to be more effective in fighting cancer than its better known cousin, which certainly makes it another healthy drink.

By increasing a natural process called thermogenesis, which means the calorie burning rate, green tea, which is clearly a health tea, increases the metabolic rate, and accelerates weight loss.

Tea, whether black or green, improves immune function, which was proven during the study in which two groups, one drinking tea, and one coffee, underwent a blood test. Blood tea drinkers are tested higher to fight T-cells, which are important for our immune function.

So it's not only health tea, but also immunity enhancing tea! Stress reduction is another proven effect of green tea, perhaps the best health tea out there. By reducing stress hormones, cortisol production, and reducing the possibility of clotting, tea effectively prevents stress levels from increasing, and reduces the risk of heart attack, which is so common among people with stress.

Green tea fights bacteria and viruses, but the best health teas are also proven effective against snake bite poisons! Amazingly, the compounds in tea are effective in treating a number of different types of snake bites, and extracts made from these compounds are used to treat bites, especially when the snake species is unknown.

Last on our list, but certainly not least, a study at UCLA has proven that tea drinkers, whether black or green tea are their chosen health tea, are less risky than those who don't drink tea.

With all this and more benefits in black, green and white tea, it becomes clear that the term health tea applies not only to the new super tea types out there, but also to the more common varieties. And with so many benefits from simple tea leaves, isn't it fair to say that all tea is a health tea?

Of course, there are many other special health teas out there, with a variety of claims and efficacy, however, if it's normal, running a tea factory can do many things, and more, is it not entirely reasonable that there are more health teas in out there, who can do other extraordinary things for you?