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The Health Benefits of Tumeric Have Exploded in Recent Years

The Health Benefits of Tumeric HaveExploded in Recent Years - The health benefits of turmeric may be numerous. Research concerning the turmeric health benefits has literally exploded in recent years. From what we know to date, it has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer activities.That's according to researchers at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.
The Health Benefits of Tumeric

The health benefits of turmeric are due to the curcumin that is found in the rhizome of the plant.Curcumin is responsible for the orange color of curry powder.It has been referred to as "Indian solid gold" and the "ideal spice for life".

Researchers are very excited about this antioxidant.Numerous clinical trials are currently underway to determine its benefit for treating psoriasis, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

If you are thinking of buying a supplement because of the turmeric health benefits, there are several things that you need to know.Some of the supplements on the market are a waste of money.

Curcumin is an unstable nutrient.It is quickly broken down by stomach acid and not readily absorbed into the bloodstream. To address this issue, the better supplement manufacturers add an enteric coating to the tablet and combine 50mg of curcumin with 30mg of piperine to increase absorption, as well as protect the nutrient from stomach acid.Piperine is an element found in black pepper.

The best way to get the turmeric health benefits is to look for a supplement that contains this combination.If you really want the best value for your money, look for one that provides your basic vitamins and minerals, along with a variety of different plant extracts.

As researchers learned about the health benefits of turmeric, they have also learned about many other plant compounds that have similar activity. The turmeric health benefits are exciting, but black cumin, bilberry, bacopa, alfalfa, gingko biloba, ginger, green tea and olive leaf extracts are just as exciting.

There are many health experts who believe that adding these extracts to the daily diet can reduce a person's risk of chronic disease and allow them to live well past 100, with all of their faculties intact.
Studies continue to confirm the role that diet plays in long-term health. In my opinion, and many others, red meat is bad, despite what the Cattleman's Association and the National Pork Board have to say.Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is good.

Eating fish, lean poultry and avoiding trans-fatty acids are good choices.In other words, the health benefits of turmeric may not protect you if you do not make other efforts to improve your diet.
The research concerning the turmeric health benefits may eventually lead us to a cancer cure or at the very least, a safe and effective treatment that is not accompanied by unwanted side effects.

This is one of the few compounds in the world that will selectively kill a cancer cell without causing damage to surrounding tissue.

To sum it up, the health benefits of turmeric may help us live longer, healthier lives.