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Let's get to know the Bitter Gourd and the Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Let's get to know the bitter gourd and the benefits of bitter gourd - The Bitter Gourd- it is actually a bitter boon in disguise, a tonic, a great metabolic regulator and a good source of potassium.

Let's get to know the bitter gourd and the benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd effectively checks blood sugar levels, has antioxidant properties and is a potent detoxifying agent. It is a secure glycemic control from nature and is often strongly recommended as a supportive therapy for diabetic patients and in pre-diabetics with impaired GTT (Glucose tolerance test ).Practically all parts of the plant are capable of providing medicinal benefits to our body system, the fruit scrapings having the maximum hypoglycemic effect.

About Bitter Gourd

Fruit is bitter, cool, light to digest and pacifies pitta. It purifies blood, is carminative, antihelminthic , diuretic, clears constipation , ignites digestive fire and useful in combating anemia and fevers. Fruit cooked as vegetable, with minimal spices, checks chronic skin disorders , gout, rheumatoid arthritis, dyspepsia, flatulence ,asthma and in general a wide variety of maladies of the stomach.

Juice of Bitter Gourd

Stomatitis can be checked by gargling with the warm juice of Bitter Gourd. A pinch of alum may be added to it for additional benefit.

Juice is also helpful for patients of hemiplegia.

Prickly heat during the summers can be soothened by applying bitter gourd juice, with a pinch of baking powder added to it.

Periodic intake of juice mixed with water is beneficial in ascites.

Passage of blood in cases of piles is relived by taking juice of Bitter Gourd with sugar.

To shed those extra pounds try bitter gourd juice with lemon -the first thing in the morning !

It also has the capacity to disintegrate kidney stones and even flush them out through the urinary tract.

Leaves of Bitter Gourd

Leaves are bitter, diuretic, induce vomiting and purgation. Juice of leaves is useful in malaria, enlargement of liver, spleen and state of ascites. Leaves crushed into a paste, applied over chronic skin lesions fasten healing. Massaging juice of leaves on soles in beneficial in controlling burning sensation of feet, especially in patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Seeds of Bitter Gourd

Seeds have 32% purgative oil, if crushed into powder and taken orally, is good for diabetic patients.

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