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Important Benefits Of Sauna And Health

ImportantBenefits Of Sauna And Health - Saunas are typically viewed as a leisure activity. They offer a relaxing, stress-free environment, helping people unwind and find contentment. What most people don't know is the connection between using sauna and health benefits. A steam bath can mean huge improvements in health and overall well-being.

Sauna and benefits

There are many scientifically proven health benefits to using saunas. Some of the most significant are the removal of harmful toxins through the sweating of the skin, and the increase in circulation caused by the moist heat.

During a ten minute steam bath session, the typical person's heart rate increases up to 75%. This has the same result on the metabolism as vigorous physical exercise, such as a fast walk for the same period of time.
The increased cardiac activity does not negatively affect blood pressure, due to the fact that the heat also causes expansion of the blood vessels to accommodate the higher blood flow.

Blood vessels also become flexible, and this increases circulation especially in the extremities. Blood flow to the skin during a steam session improves by up to 70%. This creates healthy, clean, glowing skin and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The sweating induced by a steam bath allows a complete cleansing of the sweat glands and the skin. The skin releases some 30% of total bodily wastes. A steam bath sweat enhances the skins detoxifying power by opening the pores and allowing the toxic materials to flow from the skin.

During saunas, the temperature of the skin rises to 104 degrees. The internal body temperature can increase to nearly 100.4 degrees. This high heat exposure simulates the body's fever state, which is a natural part of the body's healing defenses.

The high heat level is stimulating to the immune system, and increases production of important white blood cells, antibodies, and interferon, a cancer-fighting antiviral protein.

Another benefit of using saunas is weight loss. Health spas use sauna and steam bath treatments along with therapeutic massage. This combination helps loosen fat tissue and cellulite, so that it can be released through the skin.

Many users of saunas say that using the steam bath at the beginning of a severe cold or flu can relieve most of the symptoms.

Other users report benefits including relief of arthritis pain and stiffness; improvement in respiratory conditions such as congestion, sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis; relief of fatigue and strained muscles following exercise; and a clearer complexion.

The sauna presents no health risks in an average person. People who are running a fever should avoid it, as should people with inflammatory injuries or conditions.
Those with a contagious illness should not use public saunas. It is also not advised to use saunas when under the influence of alcohol, or to try and cure a hangover.

Taking regular saunas is one of the best things you can do for your health. You will feel and look better, and help your body stay free of toxins and diseases in a natural way.

It is important to remember the connection between sauna and health. Buildup of toxins in the body is responsible for most diseases, and a sauna is one of the most effective ways of removing this waste.