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If You Are Parent of a Teenager, You Must Read This - How Acne Affects a Teenager's Psyche

If You AreParent of a Teenager, You Must Read This - How Acne Affects a Teenager's Psyche - People who never suffered acne have no idea how acne can effect a person's life. The psychological and social impact of acne in a teenager's life cannot be underestimated. Adolescence is a difficult time because it represents a passage between childhoods into adulthood.

If You Are Parent of a Teenager, You Must Read This - How Acne Affects a Teenager's Psyche

Hyper Sensitivity towards Acne.

Teenagers tend to be much more sensitive to their appearance and the judgments of their peers. In adolescence, physical appearance conventionality tends to be highly valued, so those teenagers who suffer from acne may feel socially devalued and ostracized from their peers.

Even mild acne, research shows, can have an emotionally and psychologically devastating effect. Higher rates of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem have all been linked with the presence of acne.

Because adolescence is a period of emotional sensitivity. Mild acne can cause significant emotional stress to a teenager. Teenagers with facial acne do tend to feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. This may lead to a withdrawal from friends and family.

Depression over Acne.

Teenagers may feel depressed by the label of 'bad skin,' and avoid social situations. Even the most outgoing individuals may find it difficult to interact comfortably with their peers. The burden of acne may also lead to poor academic performance, lack of participation, poor school attendance, or inappropriate behavior.

Low Self Esteem Caused By Acne.

Teenagers with acne may suffer from low self-esteem and a negative or even distorted body image. Many acne victims may feel socially misplaced because of their acne.

They may have a difficult time socializing normally, and have trouble making eye contact. Especially when meeting or speaking to strangers or opposite sex.

Acne can Contribute in Anxiety, Depression even Suicide.

Teenagers with acne may also suffer from the taunts and bullying of their peers. The fear of being criticized or judged may cause some adolescents to become socially reclusive.

Moreover, anyone who is taunted or bullied is more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even suicide.