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How to Care For a Diabetic - Tips to Take Care of Diabetes Patients

How to care for a Diabetic - Tips to Take Care of Diabetes Patients - There are specific ailments with no cure except control. One of them is diabetes. A diabetic patient needs utmost care in their diet and daily schedule.


Here Are Some Points That You Must Know To Take Care Of A Diabetic :

· diabetes is cured dramatically if you take your food on time. Make sure that you serve the meals on time.

· The diabetics should always take quick meals. They should ideally take quick meals every three hours.

· One point to take care of a diabetic is to conduct regular checks of their blood sugar level.
· In this ailment, your body fails to heal any wound. So, the diabetic patient must wear shoes to save their feet from any injury.

· Another vulnerable part of your body in this disease is your eyes. Make sure that you get a check-up done once every 4 months. Also, wear anti-glares while working on the computer and wear sunglasses while you are out in the sun. If you suddenly lose vision in one or both eyes, have blurred vision, or see black spots, flashing lights,s or cobwebs, you must get an examination done immediately.

· Check your feet every day. If you see blisters, sores or scratches, or sores, you must check with your doctor. Also, if you have pain in your feet or feel cold, that needs a medical check. Other such symptoms are the shiny appearance of the skin, thickened nails, loss of hair on the foot or toes, etc.

· Every night before you sleep, wash your feet with warm (not hot) water soap. Then gently pat your dry feet, do not rub. Next, use a lotion and do not apply it between the toes. Change the socks shoes once every day. You must wear soft leather shoes that provide plenty of room for the toes. You must never go barefoot. That is a must to take care of diabetics.
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