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How Acne Starts And Maybe How You Deal With It

Acne is a troublesome thing. Especially in the younger population where appearance and image tend to be more meaningful. Knowing more about what causes acne can help you understand how to get rid of it better.

How Acne Starts And Maybe How You Deal With It

What you need to know

Acne is a bit of a term all included for a number of different problems. Most people think of acne when they think of zits, but there are more things than that. Acne can not only affect the face, but the whole body too. Acne is in a different category. Three, to be exact.

There are non-inflammatory zits. This includes blackheads and white heads. These are small black and white spots that usually develop on your face and tend not to cause serious problems.
Next we have acne inflammation. This category consists of pustules (pimples), papules, cysts and nodules. Pustules are full pimples with an open white head.

Papules are pimples that have not broken. Cysts and nodules can be very large and difficult to remove.

The last category is a stand-alone condition: Milia. These are small white dots that can develop throughout the face, usually in large amounts.

What Is Acne ?

Your body produces something called sebum from your sebaceous gland. Sebum consists of oil cells and skin. This gland sometimes experiences excess production, and causes sebum buildup on your skin. This then causes blockages, which allow bacteria to move and create a condition known as zits.

How Do You Get Acne ?

When you are in puberty, your high hormone levels can also increase the levels of sebum produced in your body. The hormone that most affects sebum production is androgens.

This is a hormone that is produced more in men than in women.

For women, the menstrual cycle can cause an increase in this hormone produced. In addition, birth control pills have been known to cause pimples and clear zits.

Acne has a tendency to run in families. That can be hereditary. There are also racial relationships with acne in Caucasians. They tend to get it more than other races.

Irritations to the skin that can cause acne occur. Like dogs licking from their tongues, friction of clothing, extreme temperatures, certain sports equipment, certain makeup or taking corticosteroid drugs.


Eating fast food in large quantities does not cause acne. You can eat all the junk food or pop you like, it won't increase your chances of getting zits or it has worsened your condition.

But it's still not a good idea to overdo junk food for a number of other health problems that can develop because of it.
Oily hair or oil does not cause acne, but it can be a symptom that your sebum glands produce too much.

Sorting All That

That's the pimple! Make sure you know all the facts so you can make accurate and informed decisions with zits. If you know how something is produced, you will know better how to eliminate it. 

Knowledge is power.
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