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Health and Nutrition Benefits of Dates

Health andNutrition Benefits of Dates - If you trust the American Cancer Society, eating 25-30 grams of dates help you consume the daily dietary fiber required by your body. Date is not only a good source of natural fibers, but it contain various important nutrients, such as oil, sulfur, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, phosphorous, and magnesium. No wonder, there are numerous health benefits offered by this fibrous dry fruit:

Health and Nutrition Benefits of Dates

o It is easier to digest dates and they supply instantaneous energy and help in removing toxins from the body.
o If you boil milk with dates, it becomes highly nutritious and a revitalizing drink for children and adults.
o The nicotinic content present in dates makes them an excellent fruit to cure intestinal disturbances.
o If you consume dates regularly, it promotes the development of friendly bacteria in your intestines.
o Dates are extremely beneficial for people suffering with constipation due to its laxative value
o Those having weak heart must eat dates soaked overnight as they help in strengthening heart's muscles
o Dates also help in improving your sex life by enhancing your stamina and sterility.
o Dates prevent abdominal cancer and have medicinal value.
o Dates contain potassium, which is an essential mineral required by the body to maintain a healthy nervous system and boost the metabolism of your body.
o Dates contain another important mineral- Magnesium, which promotes bone development. 

Dates also contain Iron, which is required by the body to manufacture red blood cells. The RBCs carry important nutrients to body cells. Moreover, dates do not contain any fat or cholesterol, so you can eat dates regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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