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Easy Living Guide - Take Care of Your Feet

Easy LivingGuide - Take Care of Your Feet - Did you know that it turns out that on afoot, there are 52 bones? That represents one-quarter of all the bones in your body! These bones come with 66 joints and more than 200 tendons, muscles and ligaments. At the same time, these intricate and delicate parts of our body are usually expected to serve us tirelessly as long as we need them to - without being appropriately pampered - in most cases...

Easy Living Guide - Take Care of Your Feet

With some minor changes and paying some attention to your feet, you can significantly improve how you feel and how your feet feel.

Comfortable shoes are the first step to happy feet. Shoes too tight can actually degenerate our feet. Whatever the shape, height of the heels, colour, material or preferred style of the shoes are, your feet should feel natural when you put them on. As soon as you change the summer shoes for enclosed (fall and winter) kinds, make sure you also wear breathable socks.

Besides that, while using soap in the shower, give your feet a cleansing/refreshing massage. Pay attention to the sensation of the tiredness washing away. Try not to neglect the area in between the toes. Your feet will be grateful.

Before bedtime, it helps to apply some lotion or cream to your feet. If you take a minute or two to massage all over, that will relax you and take lots of pain away. The whole body will be more energized and feel better.

Described above is the minimum anyone can do without much effort or spending a lot of time. To move up to the next level, involve foot exercise.

Exercising feet is just as beneficial as exercising any other body part. Walk barefoot sometimes, try to pick up a pencil with your toes, walk on your toes, then on your heels, on the outsides of your feet and finally on the insides of your feet. That way, we can keep every part of the foot flexible instead of stiff or frozen up.

Taking care of feet should become a daily routine (especially after they become painful daily). Exercising and applying lotion every night pays off. If nothing else, your heels won't be all that dry anymore and falling asleep will be so much easier.